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Kindred Souls Are Bound Forever

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k f sLove, Life and Rhythm components that all lives, relationships should have but for  most one cog is missing, in others these things are only imagined and probably none of the three exist.  In reality most of us will never really have a soul mate much less a kindred spirit soul mate.  Sounds negative right?  Well maybe, but it is still true all the same, because you see most of us interject our own personal messed up vision of love into what should maybe be a spiritual coronation.   Anything that is truly Heaven sent has to be what?  Yes,  sent by God.  The one thing that makes us all sinners is the fact that we were given free will thinking and another fact is that all of us really struggle to let go and let God, because well, we sometimes believe that God gave us the will of free thinking, the mind or thought, to do some of the umm hindering decisions that we make in our love, life, management  and rearing, that we encounter and guess what breed. We have ambushed ourselves into thinking that we have built great things when in fact we haven’t created nothing, not even the seven wonders of the world were built, created nor thought of by one man alone because their is only one creator.  In stead of walking in destiny because it may not look, taste or feel good, we waddle in the pompous inequities of selfism.  We feel that we are God because its written that we were created in his image, instead of being the vessel he intended us to be.  We don’t understand that when Love is given, our Life will acquire Rhythm.  When you accept what is intended, instead of excepting (I do realize how I wrote this part)  what you want you will ascertain serenity.  Calamity is the name that we should give most of our relationships.  Did we ever think that maybe they cheat because they are not our soul mate?  Did you ever think that they constantly tear us down and don’t get or understand our love because it is not the love that was intended for us.  You should never hope and pray for someone elses blessings because it was not intended for you, and you are not equipt to handle such blessing (“Be cafeful what you Pray for”).  (more…)

Are You Eating At Your Man’s Heart?

be matu

By BridgetEE

be matu
I’m a woman that in a relationship is huge on communication, big on reciprocity and a firm believer in love that is written in the stars. I also believe that there is a soul mate for everyone, I also believe you don’t get more than one soul mate and he or she may or may not live in your zip code 🙂 . With that being said we don’t have a lot of time on this earth to keep missing our callings, here’s a thought the time you waste on a person that is not your soul mate is: a.) years you wasted b.)years of somebody else out there waiting on their soul mate and here their soul mate has been wasting time on you, so I believe it is important that you don’t go out and hunt it down but I strongly believe that you should watch the signs in front of you. (more…)

Mr Treble You’re On My Mind

My sistas you know being single on the holidays can be a half empty, half full-time of the year. The time of the year that breeds nostalgia, peace and love. A time of giving and receiving, a time of reflection of whats near and dear to the heart. A time of releasing  emotions and feedings of an eager heart. A time that makes you feel sexy not so much sexual. A time of spiritual meetings and gifts. (more…)