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Is It Art Or Sexism Or Are We Just Sensitive


Black_Panties_(standard)wpid-wp-1413470864100.jpegBy BridgetEE

I read an article written by an ex NBA player and father of two talking about R Kelly’s new album cover “Black Panties.”  In the article titled  More Fans Should Be Outraged by R. Kelly’s New Album , (please click to read the article from here we are going to paraphrase, break it down and induce thought bloghouse style) the authors opinion was that he finds and you should find  Kells ratchet depiction is not art especially given his track record and if you pay close attention to the lyrics of his songs they back up what the author feels meaning Kelly’s distorted degradation of women.  His theory is because of a multitude of reasons the set album cover is way out of line and offensive and  initially upon reading agreed with it whole heatedly.  I was ready to lead the march on the removal and tar/feathering of the album cover, I wanted to know what kind of sista would allow a man accused of ♫ I don’t see nothing wrong with a little girl that’s nine ♫ to take a bass bow to her ass. (more…)

Kelly Price Flips The Script It’s My Time



By BridgetEE

I’m not a huge fan of reality TV (not that I watch much television ,Scandal does rule my world!!!  Shout out to Shonda Rhimes!!!  LOL), but I do from time to time dip in on it.  When I heard that Diva’s show was coming out with a new series LA Divas, Divas of LA whatever it was called, my only interest was that my girl Kelly Price, Mi’chelle and Chante gotta man at home Moore was on it (I’m a music person duhhhh J).  So dummy me thinking I was going to be shouting in front of the TV listening to all that great harnessed God given talent (I’m lying I watch TV on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet), but  instead end up screaming at it like OMG just why  can’t  this be about  something,  wellll something different !!!!   Give me a break!!!!  DAMNNNNN!!!!   I HATE drama, the only drama I like is “No More Drama” by Mary J Blige as a matter of fact these shows make me dislike us as women in general just from some of the BS we engulf ourselves in a lot of times, we are such multifaceted creatures at a times my beautiful sistas we can be too much, sorry that’s just how I feel sometimes case in point… (more…)

Old School Hip Hop Garners Negative Condemnation


Old School Hip Hop Garners Negative Condemnation

By BridgetEE

RAP LEGENDS 'UTFO'Have you ever had a conversation with someone about a statement they made and you didn’t agree with it, but then after listening to their explanation on what they said you say “OH yeah I get it, you got a point.”  Then after you do some research you say “ummmmm well??”

First and foremost let me start off by saying I’m a fan of music in itself, meaning all kinds in many different formats and genres.  I’m that chick that is not satisfied with just listening to it I have to know everything about it, including why, who and when.  I am also not a fan of slamming music into boxes, for intense reason I believe that labeling some music such as neo soul is extremely detrimental to artists and music as to how it is distributed and marketed and I am a firm believer that because of that term we the fan miss out on a lot of great artists and music, with me being in the music cypher I catch a lot of stuff (hence me creating my own personal blog) where many people don’t get a chance to experience their artistry (just my opinion and yes I know opinions are like….but it’s my blog).  Sooo with all that being said….I was surfing Instagram so I hello I’m BridgetEE… never mind a terrible attempt to make a someone else’s rap my own, anyway I ran across a post from an artist and it said and I quote If you love True School Hip-Hop and call me “OLD SCHOOL”, you are hurting an era of music you love. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t spend good money on an OLD car, but you would certainly purchase a CLASSIC vehicle. Rock, Jazz, Country and Rock fans refer to their past artists as “Classics”. This maintains their value and allows them to continue making a living doing what they love and what you enjoy. Unfortunately, we cannot collectively grow if we don’t collectively change. STOP referring to us as “OLD” and start referring to us as “CLASSIC”.  End quote.  So I called up the author of this post, and as always was given a very educated and clear cut answer as to why this statement is so and why it is such a condemning  term (“condemning  term” was my word to define this not his).  According to this artist he says that word Old School hurts them as artists moving forward in their future endeavors pertaining to their artistry (I’m paraphrasing of course).  He said the term makes them out to be senior citizens so to speak, he said you don’t refer to The Rolling Stones as old school etc etc you get my drift.  My reply was I thought it was like a term of endearment, his response was, so is the “N” word if we use it but not if someone else does.   Touché.  So I thought the conversation was extremely intriguing and was worthy of more than just our opinion, with that being said I decided to do a little research on set topic and this is what I turned up. Click to Continue

No, Longevity Is All You Have To Give Uncle Charlie

cw my love blog photo

By BridgetEE

mu·sic  /ˈmyo͞ozik/

  1. The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
  2. The vocal or instrumental sound produced in this way.

If you Google the definition of  the word “music” you got what is seen above.  They also say Sound travels in waves like light or heat does, but unlike them, sound travels by making molecules vibrate (stimulate).  In our world of music artistry today you can hear a great song that meets the definition of above from a person that sounds almost like a God,  only by the second time around they fall like a burnt out star to the “Sophomore Jinx.”  Let’s be real in this day and age there are many things that can hinder your proverbial star from shinning long, the music business itself can just beat you up and spit you out leaving you to feel like a domestic abuse victim.  The artist themselves with all that is had to have through celebrity and money can crash and burn themselves with their own personal BS (money, drugs and sex) the three silent career killers. (more…)

Whats Dunn In The Dark I Can’t Forget And It Will Come To…A VOTE?

By BridgetEE
I recently had a conversation with an artist in the dark. We talked about things that are Dunn in the light. When we think of young people in music we don’t think of real artists for real. We think of jeans saggin low, more bling than you have ever known, swag thats way outta control, whips that you never could own. (more…)

What Happened To The Other Piece Of Floetry


I’m sure by now you all know that “Floetry” which consisted of Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart. The duo launched a songwriting career in 1997, penning hits for Michael Jackson, Bilal, and Jill Scott. Eventually they gained the spotlight with their debut album, Floetic, in 2002. Combining Ambrosius’ singing with Stewart’s spoken word poetry, they scored an R&B hit with “Say Yes,” a sultry song with a heavy beat, cushioning Ambrosius’ deep vocals. After releasing a live album, they achieved more success with their next studio disc, 2005’s Flo’Ology. They split in 2007…
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Moving forward Marsha Ambrosius has released her own solo project titled “Late Night & Early Mornings” with the smash hit “Far Away” scheduled to release in March of 2011, but that was the “ETRY” whats going on with the “FLO” Natalie Stewart?   Well Ms. Stewart is now known as the “The Floacist” and she has her own solo project entitled “The Floacist Presents Floetic Soul” by which she defines her sound as “Floetic Soul,” or “poetic delivery with musical intent.” Take a look

New Music: Their Back MINT CONDITION “Caught My Eye”

mint c

“Caught My Eye” is the brand new single from Mint Condition’s forthcoming album, expected to drop in April 2011

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