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Kindred Souls Are Bound Forever

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k f sLove, Life and Rhythm components that all lives, relationships should have but for  most one cog is missing, in others these things are only imagined and probably none of the three exist.  In reality most of us will never really have a soul mate much less a kindred spirit soul mate.  Sounds negative right?  Well maybe, but it is still true all the same, because you see most of us interject our own personal messed up vision of love into what should maybe be a spiritual coronation.   Anything that is truly Heaven sent has to be what?  Yes,  sent by God.  The one thing that makes us all sinners is the fact that we were given free will thinking and another fact is that all of us really struggle to let go and let God, because well, we sometimes believe that God gave us the will of free thinking, the mind or thought, to do some of the umm hindering decisions that we make in our love, life, management  and rearing, that we encounter and guess what breed. We have ambushed ourselves into thinking that we have built great things when in fact we haven’t created nothing, not even the seven wonders of the world were built, created nor thought of by one man alone because their is only one creator.  In stead of walking in destiny because it may not look, taste or feel good, we waddle in the pompous inequities of selfism.  We feel that we are God because its written that we were created in his image, instead of being the vessel he intended us to be.  We don’t understand that when Love is given, our Life will acquire Rhythm.  When you accept what is intended, instead of excepting (I do realize how I wrote this part)  what you want you will ascertain serenity.  Calamity is the name that we should give most of our relationships.  Did we ever think that maybe they cheat because they are not our soul mate?  Did you ever think that they constantly tear us down and don’t get or understand our love because it is not the love that was intended for us.  You should never hope and pray for someone elses blessings because it was not intended for you, and you are not equipt to handle such blessing (“Be cafeful what you Pray for”).  (more…)

Old School Hip Hop Garners Negative Condemnation


Old School Hip Hop Garners Negative Condemnation

By BridgetEE

RAP LEGENDS 'UTFO'Have you ever had a conversation with someone about a statement they made and you didn’t agree with it, but then after listening to their explanation on what they said you say “OH yeah I get it, you got a point.”  Then after you do some research you say “ummmmm well??”

First and foremost let me start off by saying I’m a fan of music in itself, meaning all kinds in many different formats and genres.  I’m that chick that is not satisfied with just listening to it I have to know everything about it, including why, who and when.  I am also not a fan of slamming music into boxes, for intense reason I believe that labeling some music such as neo soul is extremely detrimental to artists and music as to how it is distributed and marketed and I am a firm believer that because of that term we the fan miss out on a lot of great artists and music, with me being in the music cypher I catch a lot of stuff (hence me creating my own personal blog) where many people don’t get a chance to experience their artistry (just my opinion and yes I know opinions are like….but it’s my blog).  Sooo with all that being said….I was surfing Instagram so I hello I’m BridgetEE… never mind a terrible attempt to make a someone else’s rap my own, anyway I ran across a post from an artist and it said and I quote If you love True School Hip-Hop and call me “OLD SCHOOL”, you are hurting an era of music you love. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t spend good money on an OLD car, but you would certainly purchase a CLASSIC vehicle. Rock, Jazz, Country and Rock fans refer to their past artists as “Classics”. This maintains their value and allows them to continue making a living doing what they love and what you enjoy. Unfortunately, we cannot collectively grow if we don’t collectively change. STOP referring to us as “OLD” and start referring to us as “CLASSIC”.  End quote.  So I called up the author of this post, and as always was given a very educated and clear cut answer as to why this statement is so and why it is such a condemning  term (“condemning  term” was my word to define this not his).  According to this artist he says that word Old School hurts them as artists moving forward in their future endeavors pertaining to their artistry (I’m paraphrasing of course).  He said the term makes them out to be senior citizens so to speak, he said you don’t refer to The Rolling Stones as old school etc etc you get my drift.  My reply was I thought it was like a term of endearment, his response was, so is the “N” word if we use it but not if someone else does.   Touché.  So I thought the conversation was extremely intriguing and was worthy of more than just our opinion, with that being said I decided to do a little research on set topic and this is what I turned up. Click to Continue

Whitney…Wendy And Janet A Tale Of Three Women

By BridgetEE

I’m a huge Whitney Houston fan…Not much of a Wendy Williams fan and Janet Hubert I did like her better then the 2nd Aunt Viv…BUT!!! Here’s the deal while you are casting stones Janet or any of us for that matter on this issue. Wendy Williams wouldn’t be as successful as she is if not for you the people (everybody wants to watch a train wreck, nobody wants to watch a birth). (more…)

Whitney Houston – Greatest The Greatest Love Of All

clas whit wp

By BridgetEE

Music is one of the greatest love of all, gifted by a God that sits high and looks low.  Music Blesses us and keeps us, music regulates our minds.  Music is life altering, timeless, effortless and breathless.  Music is forever.  Although there are many singers, there are very few sangers.  You can go to any music school, music coach for that matter Simon Cowell and even less than that have been TOUCHED by God to be the greatest.  Many have tried to duplicate and emulate but music can be one of a kind.  (more…)

The Opposite Of A Virgin Is The Greatest

By BridgetEE

One of the many things that I love about music is that it is timeless but the other thing it is and no matter how many times people try to make it …IT IS COLORLESS!! People get mad when entertainers crossover, they say “awwww they think they white now” “awww they forgot about us” and my personal favorite “awww they forgot where they came from”. Well today I want to give a quick short lesson on Derivatives 101. First and foremost giving glory to the creator of all in all that it is, GOD, he is the creator of all music in which we are alllll, whether we like it or not, his children. (more…)

Remembering Domestice Violence Month Janet Jackson Style…Powerful!!

By BridgetEE

Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay, or lesbian; living together, separated or dating.

Examples of abuse include:

■name-calling or put downs
■keeping a partner from contacting their family or friends
■withholding money
■stopping a partner from getting or keeping a job
■actual or threatened physical harm
■sexual assault
Violence can be criminal and includes physical assault (hitting, pushing, shoving, etc.), sexual abuse (unwanted or forced sexual activity), and stalking. Although emotional, psychological and financial abuse are not criminal behaviors, they are forms of abuse and can lead to criminal violence.

I was feeling some kind of way today not quite sure why, and though it is very important everyday,  I felt the need to talk it today, and break format just a little.

We look at our youth and the trouble they seem to be in all the time, we talk about or young men being drug dealers and hustlers.  We talk about our young women having baby after baby with no daddy in sight.  We talk about our young people not knowing how to dress for a funeral yet alone a job interview or church.  We talk about how these same young people don’t know how to speak properly or how to respect others or know when to speak when spoken too.  We talk about how these young people believe that money is what gives them class instead of them knowing that it is how you carry yourself…..yall hear me.  With all this being said about this lost generation that is coming up, it occurred to me that these young people, these babies to the world in which we know, are our babies.  Somewhere along the line we decided that how we were brought up wasn’t cool, we felt it more important to become our children’s friends and abolish the term “a childs place”.  We decided to fill our children with so much grown folk information without explanation and all we did was turn out a fast generation of miss guided f….  We are the blame for our children because we introduced them to the class called, LIFE 101, but we weren’t man or woman enough to teach the class.  We didn’t teach our young men or women chivalry.  We didn’t teach our men to respect women and become leaders in the family or to teach our women to respect men and allow them to lead while we nurture family.  Also it is ok to be submissive and obey (if you are patient enough to wait for the person that was  intended for you).  We forgot to teach them all that they are not The Alpha and The Omega and that we will all serve one….

John 9:25 He answered and said, “Whether He is a sinner or not I do not know. One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.”

As I think about this subject today, this month of October Domestic Violence Month.  In order to break a cycle we must start with us, by testifying and educating.  We must also start remembering those ones that fell victim and are not here to share…As always remember listen and watch responsibly…WHAT ABOUT THAT!! 

Click here for more information on Domestic Violence