B’s Funk House/New Artists/New Music

By BridgetEE

He who speaks first will first find out!!  B’s Funk House is a page set up for up and coming artists and music.  The intent of this page is WHERE REAL MUSIC IS PREVIEWED AND REVIEWED simple as that.  This is the place where local or not so local can get out and run, and where you the musical connoisseur can comment.   (Of course you have to get past me first 🙂  Hit me up at bridgetee26@gmail.com,  Twitter: @BridgetEE , Instagram  @BridgetEE26 to get on this page.  With that being said, please listen and RESPOND responsibly 😉 ♫
IMG_20150804_001713Introducing Mayfield J a young hard working singer/songwriter that wants you to “Pop A Pill” and feel what personal experience can bring to art.  Well written and attention grabbing.  Hailing from the best kept secret of talent in America, Akron, OH.





wpid-screenshot_2015-03-04-16-37-52-1-1-1.pngThis young brotha that goes by the name of “DOTA” hailing from “The Land” Cleveland, OH. When I asked this brotha about what he does, his response to me was “I make music for people to zone out and forget about their worries”.   He is handsome and although he claims Hip Hop, he is talented enough to hold claims to R&B as well.  I give him an “A” plus for originality (although the song is a lil nasty 🙂 ) it just isn’t cussin to be cussin (Sidebar:  I HATE ARTIST THAT CUSS JUST TO HEAR THEMSELVES CUSS), but moving forward his beat and hook are funky and catchy as hell.  You can also follow him on Instagram @xocedy


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