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Who is Andra Day??

By BridgetEE

Andra Day inked a partnership with Coca-Cola and McDonalds, were her picture will grace the cups of 40 million cups at McDonalds.

Interestingly enough when I posted the story on social media, more than a few made the comment “Who is Andra Day?”.  I was surprised by the response.  Although I’m a music fan of all types, it occurred to me that sometimes the WHO or shall I say the history or back story sometimes gets left out.  I may know WHO, WHAT, WHY and WHERE but YOU may not know.  So with that being said, today we are going to explore, Who is Andra Day, and why you should know her.


Chris Brown’s Transformation: Is He Still Public Enemy Number One?

Chris Brown has a documentary on the way directed by Andrew Sandler and produced by Riveting Entertainment.

People tend to have an insensitive view of entertainers as it pertains to them as human beings. Our environment is our learned behavior. Our learned behavior, whether verbally or visually taught, is the foundation of our maturation. We all go through phases in our lives from being mischievous children to know-it-all teenagers, then by grace, adults. None of us were/are perfect, so to sit back and look at entertainers with an overly judgmental eye just isn’t fair. In honor of Chris Brown’s birthday, let’s look for change with a positive eye at the transformation that his daughter Royalty has helped bring about. 

Source: Chris Brown’s Transformation: Is He Still Public Enemy Number One?

Janet Jackson To Produce A Baby As Well As Damn Baby

By BridgetEE

It’s all the buzz, congratulations to Janet Jackson on the introduction of a new Jackson legacy member in the making, as well as a new music video titled “Damn Baby”.  (SEE VIDEO HERE)


Prince & Kendrick Lamar Exemplify Why Music Wasn’t Meant To Be One Thing

Music is an art.  Great art is beautiful, abstract and is gazed upon for interpretation for times to come. Great music crosses over.  But legendary music was never in a position to cross, because w… (more…)

Lisa Lisa Of Cult Jam Produces Change Through Song & Laughter (VIDEO)

RICKY AND LISAWhat better way to make a positive point to a negative situation then through music and laughter.

With the highlighters today of racial profiling, police brutality plus now, thanks to the Don, foreign policy, some may not get the blunt point of whats going on unless you put a melody to it, as well as a humoric point of view on it.  (Sidebar: our amazing President Obama proved that point this past weekend: video below)

And that’s what the still beautiful Lisa Velez (Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam), has team up with Comedy High Productions to do.

Title Shot of INS Is Watching MeBut the question is, do you feel like Mike?   “I always feel like somebody’s watching me…Who’s Watching Me!!”?

Well after telling her story on UNSUNG, Lisa, has another story to help tell…


Remembering Prince’s Most Iconic Performances & Music Videos

The world has lost a musical genius in Prince Roger Nelson at the age of 57.

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The World Will Have More Javier Starks 100% Curse Free (NEW MUSIC)

By BridgetEE

Oh how I long for when we will see less and less of one hit wonders that may temporarily look the part and due to modern technology sound the part.  A day when the money hungry flip flop their just care about thinking of the freshman success opposed to the could give less then a dizzam about whether they can bust through the sophomore curse. The day every beat maker incorporates themselves with real brass, ivory keys as well as melodic strings, to show true creativity.

The Cypher a circulumn of diverse, lyrical energy,  Hip Hop’s true test of skill.  But the noize behind the skill because technology waters has gotten muddied so that fast hit dollars are getting stuck causing longevity history books to be shut.  Hip Hop has been many things but sometime I believe the CREAM has made us forget that it is, music first.

But there is hope.  The belief that the world needs, no requires, great music.  So the world shall see and will have more Javier Starks. (more…)