Loren Smith Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”

  By BridgetEE

Christmas music is the one genre that will always cross-over because the no matter what Scrooge may want Christmas is about the gift of giving, not only in the material but in the spiritual, and the same premise holds true for Christmas music.

I sooo love my background singers, my diamonds in the rough, the stars over the manger to my musical heart, so when my electronic Santa brought me the gift of Loren Smith…All I can say is the joy I felt…PRICELESSLoren Smith is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.  He has been in the game for some time in the back-light, but he has decided to step out and feel the rays from his own spot-light.  If I had to compare him vocally to any, I would say put Luther Vandross and Sam Smith in a mixer, turn it on, then pour the mixture onto a stage.  A  great voice that is reflective of a gentle spirit.  Although they have tagged this Christmas song the spirited cover of NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” , I’m not so sure that’s quite an accurate description.  You see Christmas music is about the spirit of Christmas and nobody owns Christmas.  The words to the song are written but it’s the vocal artist that reflects the feel that makes it their own, plus Christmas is Christ and Christ can’t be covered but you can be the vessel for the celebration and Loren Smith is definitely that!!   Merry Christmas and please watch and listen responsibly ♫

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