Silk Is Back Smooth As Ever, And Would Love 4 U 2 Like Me

By BridgetEEThere is an insurgence of going back to where things started.  For some reason there seems to be an unspoken belief  that there is no room for R&B.  Can a culture not handle two genres?  Rock and country music coexist, so why can’t R&B and Hip Hop?   Does everything have to cross over and have you even tried to make it cross?   I don’t know when the narrow mindedness started but the time for open-mindedness is now.

Sista’s and brotha’s happy day’s are here again, it’s time we loose control.  We are going back to when men said things like “girl u for me”  or,  “I’m hooked on you and if you (lovin me) let’s make love because there’s a meeting in my bedroom, and I want you to “freak me” cause “I can go deep” but “don’t rush.”  Ahhh just like that. 🙂 ♫

Now that I gushed that all out…

The King’s of sexy panty removing ballads are back, smooth as ever and would “Love 4 U 2 Like Me”, well not me per say, but them, meaning SILK.  Their new single “Love 4 U 2 Like Me” will be making it’s way to fireplace lit living rooms, rose petal covered bedrooms and the back seat of cars via their forthcoming album QUIET STORM.

Silk exemplifies greatness through their loyalty to team, still performing as an original group plus staying committed to the late great Gerald Levert camp with the writings from legendary music writer and producer to Grammy winning stars, Cleveland’s own Jayshawn Champion (brother of Jason Champion from Men At Large).  A loyalty to their fans that is reflected in every bar along with the love shown in every note, but more importantly staying committed to what came first “the chicken or the egg” in this case R&B.  As always please listen responsibly ♫

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BridgetEE and Silk

BridgetEE and Silk


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