Eryn Allen Kane: When A Music Bed Sneaks Into The Forefront

 By BridgetEE

While watching a Being Mary Jane marathon a sound made me sit up and start this conversation with the love in my life, Makaveli (my Macbook LOL, yes all my computers have names and personalities).

I’m always harping on what constitutes great music and what makes a great song. If given the opportunity you wouldn’t need to read me but just listen. If given the opportunity seeing a video wouldn’t be necessary, for only your ears are what’s needed. No social media blast or reality TV hoax would be needed to coax, but only your souls to feel and ears to hear. Great songs captures you and makes you find out who it is, not the other way around. The song should compel you to the artist. Although this song was used as a music bed it managed to sneak into the forefront.

After doing some research this is what I know about Eryn Allen Kane: Detroit raised, Chicago-based
Singer/Songwriter/Actress.  She is actually in Spike Lee’s new joint Chiraq.  End of list and you know what?  I love it and what should be known/talked about and listened to on a regular basis is her single “Piano Song” that was featured on an episode of “Being Mary Jane”.  Although the songs presentation was subtle it captures your attention right away.  “Piano Song”  is definitely a grown and sexy song that has a classical jazz feel with funk underline. Eryn Allen Kane vocals are commanding yet controlled wth real musical instruments that pay homage to Chi Town.  You get to go on a history lesson of great horn sections with the feel of “Chicago”.  If you are a true music fan you will be totally engulfed with this song and how it was masterfully put together, old school yet relevant to the new.  Although its my review you are the true reviewers, as always please listen responsibly 🎵

Check out Eryn Allen Kane’s website or follow her on Twitter @ErynAllenKane


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