Lindsey Webster: What You See Isn’t What You Get…But You Change

By BridgetEE

Before there was a Coachella Music Festival or Afro Punk Fest., there was Woodstock. A music festival held on an unattractive piece of land with no modern technology or bottled water. If you weren’t on the stage you couldn’t see because there weren’t any fancy monitors, but you could hear. The people in attendance were referred to as hippies, but as I think about it, were they hippies or just a mass number of people who loved the sound of great music? (Listening to music doesn’t require you to dress/look a certain way.)  People who didn’t care what the music looked like, only about how the music made them feel. Music was so much better back then, when album covers weren’t a photo album but a visual piece of art to match the audio art. Long before social media and bloggers, when the feel of the music out weighed the personal business of the artist. What would the music world be like if we went back there, when music was heard and not seen?

I think that we would hear of more artists like Lindsey Webster, that hails from Woodstock, NY.  I think that you find out that Lindsey Webster is a hybrid of Sade and Angie Stone.  I think that she could Fool You Once and maybe twice, but you would be forced to use your blind I to see that she is truly R&B.  When more eyes close, more souls would open, and then YOU CHANGE.  There is a musical warfare going on right now, and the INDIES are gaining ground, and Lindsey Webster is part of the revolution.  The question is, do you have the guts to chime in?  As always please LISTEN RESPONSIBLY…♫

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