Wale And Stokley Are In Full BLOOM

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.41.30 PMBy BridgetEE

Here is the thing that is missing between a real artist and a flash in the pan entertainer.   The flash in the pan lacks versatility in their artistry.   What I mean by this is, if they are a rapper they strictly rap to a beat, track, what have you.  If they are an R&B singer they just sing what someone has written for them,  if you go to see them in concert they typically don’t stray from their recorded version.  Improvision is a NO-NO to them.  If only singing, rapping, being attractive and the ability to move were the only requirement of the craft we would have more longevity out entertainers instead a ton of 1 hit album wonders.

Real artist on the other hand work hard on their craft opposed to their acceptance.  Their love and passion dictates their product, the feel of their art is what attracts and speaks to you.  They are the master of runs, and their concerts never sound like the recording.  You the connoisseur learn to yearn their timeless originality opposed to their mass-produced lyrical canvas.

Now here is the perfect example of  real artist.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.38.28 PMTo call Wale just a rapper in my opinion would be grossly underselling him.  A man with a gift of flow that uses his voice much like a musical instrument that can play to anything with anybody, anywhere.  Now mix him with Stokley Williams of Mint Condition,  a brotha that sings, plays and writes, not married to any genre in particular and impactful with all.  Both men are students of what they love, MUSIC POLLINATION🎵   At a time when plants and flowers are dying these to men created a “BLOOM” 🎵  A song that embodies all their masterful talents and busts all formats walls down.  Closed minds, I haven’t been wrong yet.  Please watch and listen responsibly 🎵

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