Kendrick Lamar The Epitome Of A Butterfly

Screenshot_2015-09-12-13-39-37-1By BridgetEE

Artist not entertainers develop in their own.  They evolve in cycles of creativity that develop into long to be discussed masters of their craft.  The passion of their craft makes them unique  and trending.  In time some will try to duplicate, but at the end of the day a feel will always top the mechanical.  Artists creativity comes from their ability to convey their views, not only for you to see, but for you to be able to translate, relate and possibly educate.  Their artistry allows a release of themselves while each time they approach a project the produce an evolution.  A real artist makes you love them live opposed to recorded.This is not a new music review but it’s definitely a highlighter of a great artist.  Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” in most instances would be old news, but every time he performs, he makes it a trending topic, almost new.  Every time he sets it up he reinvent it and without selling himself out makes it crossover.  Some may not get it, but they surely understand.  You see there are 4 stages of a butterfly, and greatness requires maturation.  His childhood move and God-given gift, allowed for an educated young man to articulate beautifully, what is oh so ugly,  LIFE.   Kendrick Lamar has given  Hip Hop some legitimate adulthood opposed to wanna be, childish, wish list embarrassing (or should be embarrassed) psycho babble.  This young brother is on another level but the question is are you prepared to make room in the history books him right next to Tupac Shakur.

Check out Kendrick Lamar perform the master mix live of “To Pimp A Butterfly”, nah skip that,  l’m calling it The Epitome Of A Butterfly!!!  Please listen and watch responsibly  🎵


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