“Tell Your Friends”: It’s The Weeknd

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.33.57 PMBy BridgetEE

I heard someone say that there is a difference between an artist and an entertainer.  Entertainers do exactly what they are supposed to do, keep “you” the audience captivated while they are performing under the spotlight.  An Entertainer is for the most part is presentationally hardworking, and picture perfect.  An Entertainer when it comes to audio relies on background music, mixing, processing and songwriters, a whole team to make “IT” happen.  An entertainers talent may be “to do”, more often times than to create.  It’s very hard and rare for an entertainer to be timeless…

Then we have the artist 🎵

Artists do what what they feel connects “you” to them, they captivate their audiences with the pictures they paint from their soul.  Artist are phenomenally hardworking and meticulous, thats what makes them perfect.  They have to be one with every word and bound to every note.  Artist never care about a spotlight and their creative ability to switch up according to the feel is what makes them timeless, great, unique and often rare.  The artist will never sell themselves out to please “you”.

With that being said, I could probably write a book on The Weeknd and still not capture everything as an artist he embodies.  A young gifted artist that didn’t care what came first, “the chicken or the egg”, he just knew to connect to “YOU”.  The Weeknd has changed the game but you don’t even see it.  Bringing you a masterful new single, right before the album drop.  There is Beauty Behind The Madness”  you just have to be deep enough to feel it, but your friends might have to help you figure it out.  So “Tell Your Friends” it might make your old self leave for the weekend and not come back.  😉  As always please watch and listen responsibly 🎵


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