Carmen Rodgers And Anthony David’s Charge Is Just Sexy

wpid-screenshot_2015-08-10-21-12-07-1.pngBy BridgetEE

Young people believe that hair, make-up, weight and gear is what makes you sexy.  Young song writers believe that giving you the blow-by-blow of a sexual act is sexy.  Some older people believe that lypo will help you get your sexy back.  But what if I were to tell you the true meaning of sexy?  Would that change your perception or maybe you would find that you really didn’t know what sexy was all that time?  You see sexy is not a thing or a look.  Sexy is an attraction, an arousal, it’s exciting, it’s a feel.  Sexy is when your turned on to release your inhibitions without instruction, sexy is a sound and the sound of sexy will, has and forevermore produce a CHARGE I’m not huge on visual excitement but the sound of Carmen Rodgers and Anthony David together ignited a spark, CHARGE, if you will, in me to watch the world premier video of CHARGE from Carmen’s magnetic album STARGAZER.  Subtle, sweet overtones of romance to a masterful mixed track that is the essence of sexy.  Showing you a little bit of shoulder then taking it back while Anthony David strums away your kept sexual prowess pain.  Now how sexy is that 🙂 .  You do want to feel and see what sexy really is?  Well grab your mimosa and listen to what will really quench your thirst.  As always please watch and listen responsibly!! Also Follow Carmen Rodgers And Anthony David  


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