Tyrese and That Girl V: The BET Road Map

Veronika Bozeman "V"

Veronika Bozeman “V”

By BridgetEE

I love my tea in the sun, never the shade, so for those inquiring minds that want to know , here is the road map to the BET awards show 🙂 .

This past weekend BET did a phenomenal job with their awards show.  But interesting to me, something that I have been trying to put you up on for years, was subliminally brought to light.  R&B is on a serious comeback with new cast and characters just patiently waiting for their light.  So lets start with the beautiful young lady that Tyrese was not “Shame On Him” to have on his arm. Her name Queen Veronika Bozeman, better known on social media as That Girl V and Lucious Lyons of Empire simply calls her Veronika (he referred to her cousin on the other hand as something else 😉 ). The first time I had ever seen or heard the powerful angelic voice of Veronika Bozeman was in a video along side another must get to know Timothy Bloom (played guitar along side Anthony Hamilton at the 2015 BET Awards).  It was the most powerful seen I had ever heard and more importantly seen.  They made D’Angelo – Untitled video look like childs play.

Then fast forwarding to the present she hooks up with Timbo/a record deal  appearances on the hit show Empire as well as The Empire sound track.  If you don’t know her yet I’m telling you, get up on her right now.

Now as far as her being on Tyrese‘s arm for The BET Awards 2015, wellllll 🙂
Please watch and listen responsibly ♫


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