Have You Met Your Mr. Wonderful?

wpid-wp-1435609735500.jpegBy BridgetEE

Heartbreak suggests, an act of a soul that needs repair, healing so to speak.  Heartbreak implies there is a search ahead, as well as, a need to rehash.  Heartbreak speaks of a rope attached to a dope extending to hope.  Heartbreak requires a truth to our hurting lying conclusion.  Heartbreak requires an understanding that you haven’t found an owner, that doesn’t require a warranty or guaranty.  Heartbreaks alter ego, “Mr. Wonderful”.

Canada seems to be cranking out musical mastery lately.  Melanie Durrant has been on the scene for a little while searching for that attention fly.   Astute in her artistry, recognized in a far, collaborated with known, humanitarian for whats behind.  A Woman of her own words, belting what is a good old fashioned fly edge version of the blues.  You can feel her passion with every bar.  You might think she is a fresh but she is a vet in Anticipation with what the world is going to embrace NOW.  A woman with a powerful, full voleculer flow.

What am I saying?  I’m saying that music is doing a 180 on real music artist.  Forging to the fore front what in music has been hidden, and all we have to do is support.  Music bound by love and not dollar signs, and all we have to do is listen.  Music happens to be my Mr. Wonderful, and if you were to ask Melanie Durrant she would probably tell you the same.

Melanie Durrant’s new release Mr Wonderful from her sophomore album Anticipation is something that we all have been waiting for.    Taking us into a musical realm of healing and soothing from our brothas, ladies.  A song of class, struggle and power.  A well written story of what we all can do, and the hope for our heartbreak.  Wanna see, feel and hear Mr. Wonderful?  Let’s go 🙂  I bet you’ll want seconds 🙂 .  As always please listen responsibly ♫

For more Melanie Durrant or follow her on twitter @MelanieDurrant


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