Kiana Dancies The Hustle Through Giggles

wpid-wp-1434809706558.jpegBy BridgetEE

They say the things that make you laugh will make you cry, well how about we flip that today, the things that make us cry will make us laugh.

We live in a world today were it seems laughter is far and few in between.  Although times, mathematical and presentation-ally, have changed, our roots seem the same.  Segregation as well as degradation  have been made prevalent because we have been accidentally given tools to bring these things to light.  The world is our personal struggle jungle.  No blessing comes without you being the bless or.

We are inundated with so many negative things in our struggles that we often forget the necessity to purge with hilarity.  I believe that just like we raise our hand in praise, we should also indulge in times in another creation, laughter. We are multi dimensional people who are armed with many tools that were by design for a reason. It would be impossible to live your life sane, without using all that we are given. I also believe that fate and faith work hand in hand. We control none of these but will walk according to.

By fate I met this young lady and by faith is why I chose to write this. I was given a message to introduce myself to one Kiana Dancie a comedian. Although I typically write about music, upon meeting her I received a feel to harmoniously talk about her. Humble, gracious, innovative, creative, a strong sense of self-worth. A women who sells herself, intelligent.  A women that isn’t hanging on excuses only on choices. Relevant beyond and funny as hell.

Kiana Dancie is already famous but yall slow selves just don’t know it.  A women that is educated and driven in a male dominant field. Although she doesn’t have a child of her own she knows the importance of holding her single mom and family down.  Morally correct but politically funny as hell.  A woman who was given her dream by fate and is now dancing to her tune to make that hustle happen by faith.  She is her own entertainment company and PR firm.  Friend of heavy hitters but prefers her own throne.  She is making herself happen by he own accord in an entertainment field that is riddled with categories and it own racism’s (Urban, non Urban, male, female etc.).  Multifaceted in her career, she does radio, act, write and produces.  You name it she does it with professionalism, style and class.  Extremely approachable as well as a teacher (she in this short time educated me on a quite a few things).  {Side bar: because of her Blog House will be featuring a Comedy page starting next week} She is currently touring with Rodney Perry on the “Off The Chain” Tour.  Kiana has worked on several TV projects with some of the comedies top billers as well.  Owner of an entertainment booking agency & a production company (3D Media Entertainment Group).  She is absolutely self motivated and driven.  Ohh and I almost forgot  although she lives in the ATL, she is from the CLE 🙂 .  I know music and right now I’m learning comedy, but I will let you be the judge.  As always please watch and listen responsibly ♫

Follow Kiana on Instagram, FB and Twitter @KianaDancie



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