Special: Impacting Avant Souls

wpid-wp-1434031191305.jpegBy BridgetEE

Smooth, cunning, impactful. A song that thrust at your heart and soul, a feel, a longing. Great songs are identified most times the very first time you hear them. They are Special words from a Special soul escorted by a Special symphony. Great songs are patiently marinated by a special creator. Culturally or stylistically…before, prior to…pushes boundaries, you can’t fake a feel.  The very first time I heard this song the melody and the words stuck in my head instantly.  We could get married but the truth is married to what?  Will it remain Special?  Will we still see the beauty in it that we did when we first encountered it?  Are they just words?  Is it just a melody?  What will make it stay?  Great projects take time.  The difference between a $100 pair of jeans and a $10 pair is that the craftsmanship in the $100 dollar pair was made with quality materials, meticulously put together, therefore making it a quality product that will endure time.  The $10 pair, well, what goes through the wash will probably unravel in the rinse and implode in the dryer.  Just because you haven’t heard from someone in a while does not necessarily mean they are stuck in a holding pattern, it may just simply mean they are preparing for a perfect decent.  Sometimes I believe artist put together not well received projects because they have sold out to the idea of giving you a product opposed to a passion.  But today I challenge you to set aside the presented fools gold in place of platinum possibilities.

Avant is the King of quality long lasting great music and his new forth coming single “SPECIAL” is following suite.  Much like his name, Avant’s projects are advanced, progressive, state of the art and cutting edge sexy.  I have never believed that Avant has gotten his just due, he is very much unsung.   You cant go a day without hearing an Avant cut on somebodies dial but because he is a gift and not a product, award main stages seem to miss him.  When meeting him you get that same chivalrous guy that you hear crooning to your mood through your speakers.  Avant’s Special influences vocally allow his kindred spirit to connect with millions as well as contribute to the procreate of neonate.  The very first time I heard “SPECIAL” the melody, the words stuck in my head instantly.  SPECIAL airs of a the belief in love and the self motivations needed to sustain it as well as what to do with it.  Avant is self motivating and Special will be impacting souls right soon.  As always please listen and respond responsibly ♫

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