The Tale Of MGK: Greatness

wpid-wp-1432820078731.jpegBy BridgetEE

LeBron James this past week was a perfect example of what people do for the love of.  His body was raked with pain but he kept pushing with what talent he has been given, some probably would have shut it down and saved their body.  But because he is an artist of his craft, his legacy proceeds his currency.  Although his financial status maybe new school his ethic is old school and that is what makes him phenomenal.  His status may dictate him to play a certain way but his desire and passion dictates the raw.  The world of music is so inundated with presentational mediocrity that it is more important to look good in the latest fashion of cans (headphones), then it is to write one intelligent God given thought, yet alone be able to vocalize it harmoniously.  Gaps in between albums was a good thing but not the get rich thing.  Real artist want to touch and be felt, leave a lasting staple.  There isn’t a such thing as greatness because monetary value. Greatness is eminent, passionate, hard working, defining, ever lasting.  Greatness is the womb of legends.  Historians will write about greatness.  Storytellers will write fables about greatness and yes bloggers will try to figure out the angle of greatness.  People that listen to music like greatness.  People that truly love music GET greatness.  Greatness is the tale of MGK ♫

I watched a radio interview with MGK last night, and what I heard made me stop and think about the different times in his career that I have encountered him.  More importantly it made me so proud, because I seen his beginning.  He made me stand up and cheer, because here is a young man, a true artists that is driven by the love of his music and not the business that can potentially tarnish it.  He said all the right things in this interview not because it was the right thing to say, but because “it is what it is.”  He is a true commandeer of what should drive your passion of greatness.  He is what legends are made of.

The first time I had ever seen this guy (please, please, please don’t get mad) but I asked the person he came to see “why does that Opie Cunningham looking guy keep coming here?”.  He was extremely polite, respectful and in no shape or form did he look like a rapper.  So I was shocked when my friend said that this guys was indeed a rapper.  He also said to me “mark my words” he is going to be one of the top rappers in the game one day.  It was not long after that, this same friend came to me and said it’s happening, that guy you asked me about got signed.  He also said he done something that was unheard of at the time and that was to be signed and still have ownership of his music.   (Side bar youngins:  you can be the flyest, coldest rapper to walk this earth but if you don’t own your own then you might as well be doing talent shows, real talk).  The next time I encountered him was after the phenomenon of “Wild Boy”.  Although he didn’t look like Opie anymore he was still very gracious, respectful and real.  A man that was truly driven, yet humbled by his gift.  Not long after that I had the pleasure of seeing him in action.  It was a hot summer night at a concert in the Flats in Cleveland, OH.  I was working and part of my job was to take pictures and post them on social media.  He was the last act to perform so I went behind stage to get pictures of him doing his thing and the strangest thing happened.  I could hear him, I could see the people jumping, but I was standing left of stage and could not see him.  My reaction was WTH!!!   That’s when I noticed that everyone was looking up and that’s when I seen MGK hanging from the rafters while rockin the house!!  Who does that?!!  I tell you who, man that is in touch with what is relevant to passion.  A guy that knows how to make you feel the love he has for his ordained talent.  He looks at the world through an eye that can’t be taught nor bought.   An artist that understands and respects the power words, and the things his lyrical paint brush commands.  He waited a long time to offer you his new project because greatness is not easy and it does not come over night.  Why rock to something just for a night when you could rock to a masterpiece for life.  I get it, you give your all through your blood and tears only to have the man give you jeers.   Money doesn’t make the man, man makes the money.  Music is created by real “Rock Stars”, real “Rock Stars” create legends, legends live forever!!♪♪

Below see MGK’s must see interview and new music project.

I like my tea in the sun, never in the shade…As always please listen and watch responsibly♫  Follow MGK on Twitter


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