Maysa Knows How To Keep It Movin And Is Back 2 Love With Stokely

wpid-wp-1431025127443.jpegBy BridgetEE

2015 is the year where we are going to get back 2 some things.  There is an emergence of music right now from people that have sown into their gift.  They have educated themselves in their craft.  Typically unsung for their artistry.  The more classic the lyrical Picasso the harder the ex post facto, as it pertains to the monetary.  But real artists Keep It Movin’.  When prayers go up blessings do come down and when one is carrying on the blessing, one will always be provided for, but they must Keep It Movin.  You see being sung gives you 9 times out of 10 temporary value, unsung makes you invaluable.   Just as long as you Keep It Movin.  If you turn your back to the trend the product is so much greater.   Trend is, trust me, temporary and valueless but when you get Back2 Love it is priceless.  Collaborating the fact, is others will jump on track to help Keep It Movin.

I had the pleasure in 2011 of attending The Heart and Soul Awards in Baltimore, MD.  I was placed in a room before the show with a group of celebrities that included Boris Kodjoe and his lovely wife Nicole Ari Parker, Venessa Wiliams, Kindred the Family Soul and the list continues.   The one person in this room that caught my attention, that I remember like it was yesterday, was Maysa Leak.  She stood in the back of the room with an air of royalty about her yet humble.  Although the people mentioned were worthy of full attention, I could not stop starring at Ms. Maysa because of what she represents to me musically.  I couldn’t bring myself to approach her because to be in a room with her was almost the equivalent of being in the room with Whitney Houston.  Vocally Maysa is flawless, not only is she a great talent, she is very well studied in her craft, yet to me severely unsung.   As I think of her standing very stoically in that dimly lit room, my vision of her is a women of strength, power and timelessness, history if you will.  Mainstream can try to ignore her graces all it wants, but to hear her live is something that you will never forget.  Side stepped on many awards,  the reward is she has never turned her back on love and keeps it movin and for that she will always remain gold.

Breathing new life into our musical passion is Maysa’s new single Keep It Movin‘ from her forth coming album titled Back2Love.  On this single she incorporated the Jazzy side of Stokley Williams from Mint Condition.  This track could be put into so many musical categories but it is definitely for your home and vehicle inventory.  Do you miss not being embarrassed about pumping up your volume?  Do you want a sexy vibe penetrating your speakers?  Well Keep It Movin and take a listen to this, I guarantee you won’t dump it.  As always please listen responsibly ♫                         Follow Maysa on Twitter







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