Lauryn Hill: Births Talent

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-04-19-33-21-1.pngBy BridgetEE

A ripple in time.  There was a time when music was judged for what it was and not for what was seen or yet to be unseen.  A time when it was not necessary to have a great presentational story, but great bars of a story.  Melodic circumference is what makes music’s time  machine work, not plastic gel filled Peter Pan, Fountain of Youth wells, that tend to dry up after a year.  A time when you could never dry up music’s worth with green gold digging schemes.  Music, the passion the dream, came way before C.R.E.A.M.  You can sell your soul today for a busted vocal chord tomorrow, but can you create better yet procreate the sounds of Zion.  Have you ever lived for what has been bestowed upon you?  What about walked away from the cheers  because the noise was nothing but a distraction?  Can you honestly say that you would honestly be free then let the beast control your destiny?  Is what your doing in life priceless or did you let the price tag slice it?
When you truley have a gift there is nothing on this earth that can destroy it.  The natural born gift will be passed down from generation to generation to come.  Your name will be immortal due to ordination.  The queen Lauryn Hill is living proof of that.  No matter what life brought her way she went through and she still stands.  The Miseducation is that success is measured by dollar signs.  Success beyond life are measured by the deeds while here.  Giving is far greater than taking and being true to one’s self far exceeds the green eyed monster wearing rose colored glass.  The beauty of family resounds in star studded skys and binds hearts as well as minds.  Each one teach one then birth one.  This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen and heard in my life.  A video that says what should be most important in the grand scheme of things, and that you will be rewarded a mansion with rooms so big they will never be filled. As always please watch and listen responsibly 🎶🎵
Lauryn Hill on FB


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