Tyrese It’s A SHAME


This summer R&B is bringing the HEAT!!  I feel a shift in the matrix, I see musical wrongs being made right I hear real instruments. YESSS!! 🙂

I always felt it was a shame that we are limited to what we are exposed to musically.  I feel that band class enrollment in schools are low because who needs to teach Beat Machine.  I feel that money is stifling creativity therefore giving birth to musical mediocrity.  But ladies and gentleman there is hope on the horizon and I am not  a”Shame”d to tell it.  Tyrese is back with a real panty removing yet classy cut that shows you how real musicians truly swing.  Real music keys that melt your soul with different background vocals that give you an intimate concert feel via mp3.  He didn’t even think it was a “SHAME” to feature the soul mixing of the greatest voices to grace this planet at this time Ms. Jennifer Hudson.  Shame is visions of black ties, fine wine and social status climb.  Don’t you want to get away? Tyrese it’s a Shame that we waited this long.  Ladies get ready for the steam shower!!  As always please listen responsibily ♫

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