Blurred Lines: Fashion Always Repeats Itself…& So Does Music


There’s an old saying ”fashion always repeats itself.” How many of us live by that saying? We won’t throw away those Cross Colour Jeans, because they’re coming back. The same bell bottoms and turtlenecks from the 1970s are casual wear in 2015. Let’s not forget that navy blue peacoat from the US Navy. Unless you walk around in couture outfits all day, everyday, your swag was rocked back in the day. But just like the art of fashion repeats itself, so does the art of music.
Recently, we’ve heard a lot about music sampling and infringement. The most recent case: The Gaye family vs. Pharrell and Robin Thicke. At some point in the case, the Gaye family’s lawyer asked Pharrell Williams whether “Blurred Lines” captured the feel of the era in which Marvin Gaye recorded it and Pharrell’s response was “the feel, not infringement.” Read More


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