Jordyn Moses Won’t Be Alone Long

wpid-wp-1427330473102.jpegBy BridgetEE

How about some Hip Hop today!!  What if we could back spin time and mix it with the now.  Take a ride on the dark side while I reminise about the Pharcyde.  Let your mind be your Numark and your soul be your Serato.  Ok we swinging now.  Now Pull up that “Passin Me By”.  You still bouncin?  Ok Ok here go, cue up that legend of story telling Rick The Ruler “Slick Rick” “Bed Time Story” but we gotta slow it down.   We still bounciu?  Here we go the two just produced the future from embriotic art of the past (ITS MY BLOG, I CAN MAKE UP WORDS) ♫  We still bouncin?  Well here is why..A young lady by the name of Jordyn Moses aka Lazy J the MC The Crush Tape stumbled into my Twitter feed and I’ve rockin it Ever since.   Here in my house we only highlight the good and sometimes misunderstood and underrated.  I would be lying if I told you I knew anything about her but I can tell you this she is definitely a student of old school and in her words “I am who I am.”   🙂 Hailing from the city of Angels.   Do you miss real spittin story tellin with a hot a___ beat, well home gurl brought it back without a bunch of  ummm lets just using words for the sake of using words.   Ms. Moses says she was brought into this world alone and well that might be so, but I tell you this, after yall hear this she wont be ALONE for long.  As always please watch and listen responsibly ♫

@JordynMoses and More


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