TRAEDONYA The Hipopera Effect Truth Or Another Lie

wpid-wp-1426892381855.jpegBy BridgetEE

I read an article recently titled
8 Reasons Why R&B Has Died in the Black Community and it gave some pretty alarming truths to the theory, but I’m here to show the real truth and why this theory is “Another Lie”.  Better yet TRAEDONYA will show you.First and foremost music is an art form mastered by passion and soul.  Music has grass roots and its own dimension, time and space.  These are things that don’t die.  Music can be found everywhere in life and music breaths life.  Music gives birth but never grows old, it is the fountain of youth.  As far as the black community is concerned it hasn’t died there either, it is only being tried to be covered up by other communities for their own personal gain/greed.  Back in the day they had an idea called block busting and  without going into a full blown history lesson the same thing to some degree, is happening with music.  Look music was used to help free people physically and spiritually.  Music gave hope.  Most will tell you their first performance was in church.  Well guess what, there are still churches thriving in the black community.  Any store, gas station or business you walk into has music as a back drop but some of the faces are not what is liked.  People are being tricked into believing that black music is negative and unworthy of being heard publicly, that all we can do is spit rhythms.  “Another Lie” is proof that it’s not so.  TRAEDONYA is the rebuttal to the article and proof of what I say.  A young lady who has church grass roots with hip hop influence creating HIPOPERA.  A young lady with opretic vocals, a hip hop flow and a jazz soul.  A young lady who walked away from a beat machine to stand in-front of a band.  Beautiful, sophisticated, smooth, educated and seasoned just well hidden whom hails from the Bronx.  They say R&B is dead, I say no just hidden and only WE can remove the locks on the box.  From her forth coming album “High Fructose Corn Syrup” (hows that for sweet) a cut that has no set time or scheme which is what “Another Lie” is supposed to be.  As always please listen responsibly!!



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