Malcolm-Jamal Warner Is Selfless and Ready

wpid-wp-1426774144012.jpegBy BridgetEE

I have a point to make.  Ok, so dad your the record company and moms the entertainment industry, and that’s cool, but maybe just maybe, I was born to be just an artist.  Wouldn’t I still be your child?  Wouldn’t you still love me anyway?  You see even if there wasn’t a record company or an entertainment industry, I wouldn’t love you any less.  So, instead of being disappointed because I don’t look like, sound like or act like you, can’t you  except me anyway, because I’m your first love MUSIC♫  Malcolm-Jamal Warner that’s the DUMBEST THING I EVER HEARD OF IN MY LIFE!!!Back in 1984 Malcolm-Jamal Warner auditioned for the part of Theo of The Cosby Show.  In his audition he read his part acting like a spoiled rich kid born of a doctor and lawyer,  rolling his eyes and smacking his lips as he read.  Well Bill Cosby hated it!!  He asked Malcolm, is that how you would speak to your father?  Of course his answer was no, so Bill told him to be him and he nailed it.  Fast forwarding to 2015.  Malcolm has endured a lot.  Losing the love of his life as well as life after the show.  But just like Bill told Malcolm to do him, he is finding success in just that.  Although he has still been acting, he has also made a name for himself as a poet, Grammy award winning poet (2015 Best Traditional R&B Performance: “The Robert Glasper Experiment” featuring Lalah Hathaway & Malcolm-Jamal Warner)

Black Radio 2
Robert Glasper Experiment

Poet/actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner made a spontaneous and meaningful contribution to the album when he dropped by the studio and ended up penning and recording a thought-provoking slice of spoken word poetry on the profoundly poignant and symbolic rendition of the Stevie Wonder gem “Jesus Children Of America,” featuring the vocals of Black Radio alumnus Lalah Hathaway. The song is fashioned as a tribute to the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy and has a deeply personal meaning for Glasper. “The very first time I performed that song live was during a Stevie Wonder tribute on the day the Sandy Hook tragedy took place,” he recalls. “I’d also found out that a close friend lost his daughter in the tragedy. So when we did the Stevie song, I almost lost it. It hit close to home, because I have a four-year-old son.”  source

Now he has his own project titled “Selfless” including a track with a music lovers must have “I’m Ready” featuring the Mint Heads Pied Piper, Stokley Williams.   The song resonates of what was told to him back in 1984 ♪DO YOU♪ and that’s TRUTH.  Anything worth having is not giving and you are not truly great until you endure this thing called LIFE:  YEP some of yall already know and some of “Yall Will Get It Later” 🙂  As a bonus because he has been miles long,he’s ready and selfless: I’m Ready” is dedicated to everyone who has found their voice and to those who, like me, are still on the journey of finding their voice.  -Malcolm-Jamal Warner and as his gift to you, if you like it, he loves it and you can have it.  Have what?  I’m Ready ♫ 🙂  As always please listen responsibly!!


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