Who Is Carmen Rodgers? A Stargazer

wpid-wp-1424222167041.jpegBy BridgetEE

“Last Week On EMPIRE” (I always wanted to be the person to say just that one line ūüôā )…Cookie Lyons wanted to work with an artist by the name of Ellle Dallas.¬† Elle gets to the recording session extra as hell with 2 pounds of makeup, fake eyelashes, hair pieces, fur coat and a stank¬†“A” attitude.¬† Elle opens her mouth to sing and she sounds like a mangled bobcat.¬† Cookie then says you know what take all that sh@t off and try it again.¬† Then an¬†amazing thing happened a real voice full of soul, passion and power emerged.¬† A raw controlled beast emerged, NEO soul emerged.Don’t you get tired of walking around seeing and hearing the same old thing?¬† You do know don’t you that everybody shouldn’t walk with the same hair style and long weave.¬† Life was meant to have some originality to it.¬† I¬†hate hearing people say “don’t copy my hair style, uhhh why you got on the same dress I got!!”¬† You want to know why?¬† BECAUSE they are the same people that if you don’t look like they look they say, “uhhh you look a mess”¬†etc etc.¬† Were we not designed to be different?¬† Pop culture seems to have receptiveness to it, Garanimal like, everything matches and has a place, it sounds good.¬† Then you have NEO soul.¬† NEO Soul has no rhyme or reason, it¬†is raw, unmatching and doesn’t have a place, but, it sounds great.¬† NEO Soul artists are the real starving artists of the music industry the have to write, play, sing and produce.¬† They are their own marketing firms and booking agents.¬† All because they dare to be original.¬† I love their culture because it is full of diamonds in the so called rough and I can hear music the way it was meant to be before the “MONEY” ‚ô™

I am an¬†Anthony David social media stalker‚ô™¬†‚ô™¬†(I’m¬†quite sure he doesn’t mind ūüôā ).¬† I stalk him because number one I feel he is an amazing artist on every level that unfortunately because of the powers that be, ummm well I think their scuurred of him.¬† Number two I stalk him because if you ever want to hear some great music and untapped musical talents well he knows them.¬† Number three, if you ever want to go to a concert where you get more then your monies worth, ummm well you will find it following him.¬†¬†Number four he is¬†Grammy nominated and grossly underestimated.¬† Anyway while staking him I happened upon her.¬† Her is Carmen Rodgers she was¬†marketing her own album release listening party, which should have been a high priced intimate concert in a perfect world.¬† She is a representative of what I’m talking about, an album that is titled “STARGAZER” that is worth every cent.¬† Her album puts me in mind of the ¬†story telling of Algebra Blessett,¬†mixed in with the¬†subtle¬†power of a Estelle.¬† I promise you will not hit skip on none of the 12 tracks that starts with¬†“Stargazing” and guess what because I’m¬†a stalker I absolutely love #5 “Charge”.¬†¬†The music is funky enough for your new school¬†with an essence of old school R&B for my¬†seasoned vets.¬†¬† She looks amazing, for what ever reason the more I look at shots of her Cleopatra Jones keeps coming to mind¬†sexy, powerful and dangerous. ¬†I promise you we gonna figure it out why this¬†Stargazer is still Stargazing¬†but until then, as always please¬†listen responsibly ‚ôꬆ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† @CarmenRodgers on Twitter; Carmen Rodgers on FB¬†www.IAmCarmenRodgers.com¬†#Stargazer


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