The Intimate Truth About Ledisi

wpid-wp-1423586384337.jpegBy BridgetEE

There has been a lot of talk about how Beyoncé ended up singing Precious Lord during the Grammys and the snubbing of Ledisi.  I have seen stories that says that Ledisi (of course paraphrasing) was cool about it but a little disappointed.  Hmmm.  Ledisi performed the song, originally sang by the legendary Mahalia Jackson, in an award nominated and winning movie SELMA.  Hmmm.  Ledisi in this movie played the late great Mahalia Jackson, singing to Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King.   Ledisi performed the song with dignity, grace, RESPECT and power.  Ledisi performed Precious Lord with honor to God; how do I know that because you felt it (sorry not even Hollywood can recreate real honor to God).  Then there was Ms Bey an amazing vocalist,  she has become a household name, every song that she touches turns to Platinum.  Beyoncé garners much attention in all aspects of her life.  She too has performed in a couple of movies, ummm that one with Cuba Gooding and the church choir, I can’t think of the name of it right now.  Then there was the award winning movie “Dream Girls”, where she performed a rendition of the Jennifer Holidays classic “And I Am Telling You” that literally had people in movie theaters and homes standing to their feet.  Uhhhh dang that was Jennifer Hudson, but anyway she played in that movie.Now for my schizophrenic rant.  Here’s the moral to all of that.  If memory serves me correctly there was some banter going back and forth about who should sing what, and who play who.  There was some carrying on about J Hud,  was she a big enough star, her weight and experience.  The went up one side of her and down another, but guess what you can’t conceal Devine intervention and that is real.  You see Jennifer Hudson is a mega star with a mega voice that garners just as much in the entertainment world as Beyoncé.  Although the world tied to tie her down with their hatred and jealousy, the devil even took a shot and missed.  At the end of the day God given and chosen won.  The same for Ms Ledisi, yes at the end of the day she will prevail, although Beyoncé asked could she sing the song at the Grammys (which I’m sorry but the Grammys was boring this year and most turned the channel before that snafu even happened), Ledisi was ASKED to SANG by a Higher Power in a movie that will be watched for generations to come.  You see Beyoncé woke up like this drunk in love.  Ledisi on the other hand is acoustically telling the truth all that hear and trust me more will listen.  Some music is just a fad, something to dance to at the club.  Others music is legendary and timeless artistically put together, a masterpiece.  You see the problem isn’t per say one group the problem is all of us.  The world is filled with billions of people and unfortunately a lot live by the quote “We all can’t shine at the same time”, but isn’t there more then one spot light?  In the words of Rob Hill “Greatness isn’t something God has only given to a select few, Greatness is in all of us but only cultivated by some of us”.  This means that there is room enough, and more than enough spot lights for a Beyoncé and a Ledisi.   We just have to be more open mined and selfless to let these things coincide.  In all the spot light that Beyoncé has, she didn’t have to share hers, only let some one else turn theirs on, meaning Ledisi.  It was selfish and yes a little cruel to sing a song that someone else is bringing new history to.  The evidence was you weren’t even prepared nor inspired to do so (the audio/video clearly shows), you just wanted to do it to make your own statement for your own reasons.  Sometimes a way of reaching back is standing to the side and cheering.   I get it though its cool to have long blonde hair and curvy singing passionately about drunken sexapades, but not cool to have braids, full figured, singing passionately about spiritual life.  I dare you to shut your eyes, open your ears and expose your heart.  I dare you to bare soul to Ledisi’s Intimate Truth.  We have the power to change perception but do you really have the courage?  You listen and tell me.  Some people need all kinds of bands, electronic equipment, makeup, weaves and tricks to get you up.  While Ledisi only uses an acoustic guitar and soul…As always please listen responsibly ♫

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