Leela James Asks To Be Set Free

wpid-wp-1423166083017.jpegBy BridgetEE

I was bumping around trying to find some thing to talk about today and funny enough this artist ran across my screen.  I will never understand how we have got so jaundice in our music selection, so much so that we totally miss IT.  It drives me nuts that everything is so safe dollar and cents driven that we miss out on the diamonds in the ruff.  I remember back a few years ago I attended a KEM concert and the opening artist was introduced and the crowd was kind of rude. Well you see the first thing you noticed about this young lady was her afro and platform shoes were so biggg that you could tell how tall or old she was, and when she went to speak she had this raspy ole voice.  I personally was already familiar with her music but for the most part the audience was not and wasn’t interested in finding out.  People were conversing, drinking and moving around just waiting to see KEM.  I remember this young lady said “I know a lot of you don’t know who I am, but I guarantee you when I’m done you will!!!”  With that being said the response was like “WHATEVER!!”.  Then this young lady said  “I’m twenty something years old with an od soul”, the next thing you knew she tore the house down!!!  Her energy and voice put you in mind of a young Tina Turner.  By the time she finished people were fighting in line to get her CD.  Now lets fast forward, although she has had other projects and even has been a regular on a reality show, I still don’t believe she gets proper dues on her God given.  This young lady I’m referring to is Leela James and her new song is what I think she has been asking to be done for years “SET ME FREE“.  I believe she wants to be set free from the music slam box and be appreciated for what she has truly been put here to do and that’s administer lyrical soul food to you.  Although she is young she has a powerful voice along with massive energy that makes you want to hit repeat.  Better yet if you’re like me and listen to a lot of music digitally and go to hit the volume and that message appears that says “HEY YOUR GONNA BUST YOUR EAR DRUMS IF YOU CLICK ONE MORE TIME” LOL, yep that kind of song 🙂 .     If you are yearning for something old school with a new school vibe.  A voice that is true to form without any tricks.  A song that you can cruise to, then come with me and SET ME FREE, how music is supposed to be.  As always please listen responsibly ♫


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