Reality Is Jazmine Sullivan Is A Masterpiece

wpid-wp-1422458725054.jpegBy BridgetEE

When Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, I wonder did he know that she would be the most famous paintings in the world?  The most written and sang about?  I wonder did he know that she would be the most visited and known?  I wonder why?  I wonder, although I live in the Reality Show era, is it because of the mystery?  Is it because we don’t know what lies behind the smile or the mystery of why her and her plain beauty?  Is it that we are so nosey that we keep seeking the answers to so many mysteries of this painting or could it be that we are really drawn to the greatness and Masterpiece of it.  Every part of the painting from the artist, his vision and interpretation was masterfully done to create a beauty that although you may not fully understand you still are at wonder of what he the artist has bestowed.  You see by definition a Masterpiece is  1 : a work done with extraordinary skill; especially : a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement.   The supreme intellectual; induced an emotion and/or a thought.  Masterpiece tells a vague story, one that could be interpreted to be or made yours.  Masterpiece may or may not be reality.  What is reality is Jazmine Sullivan is an amazing artist whose lungs are a lyrical paint brush.  If she were born in a different time I truly believe that she would garner so much more.  Because we live our lives through reality shows we have traded our intellect for mess and our appreciation for dirt.  We have walked away from positivity only to run joyously to negativity.  Our perceptions of what is beautiful are distorted, and designer hookerism is a long term goal.  Jazmine has decided that keeping greatness away from an socially inept world is not the answer.  It really is us that needs to change our consciousness and embrace greatness and look forward to timelessness.  Reality doesn’t have to be shade served with tea, and a mystery doesn’t have to be elusive and dirty.  Jazmine Sullivan has laid it out for you in her new album Reality Show but more importantly she will make you feel why “Every part of me is a vision of a portrait Of Mona, of Mona Lisa; Every part of me is beautiful And I finally see I’m a work of art A masterpiece” .  Do you feel what I feel?  I don’t know?  But lets see… MASTERPIECE: as always please listen responsibly♫ ♪ ♫

(Jazmine Sullivan) for more


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