Introducing The Khan Empire, I Give You Indira Khan

wpid-wp-1421872378855.jpegBy BridgetEE

Once upon a time in the land of music, long before the beast Auto-Tune and freaky mic contraptions ruled the world, there was a beautiful blossom called a real voice.

  One that didn’t require anything but God’s gift, maybe a little training, practice and health.   One that didn’t require Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to hype.  Something that is also inherited and can be passed down from generation to generation, kingdom to kingdom.  In this particular story a Queen of great vernacular resound and power, that slayed all that entered her venue.  One that had the power to reinvent and recreate herself over and over again with a sound that has earned her a spot in Eternal Sound Recreation Hall of Fame.  This Queen by the name of Chaka Khan continues, even in this new land, to make all that garner her presence bow down to what is pure and real.  Well, one day this beautiful gifted Queen of voice gave birth to a princess in which whom is bringing real old kingdom power to a new kingdom world.  Although it may be hard to achieve all that was brought from the old, she will have no problem standing to the occasions of the new.  With a sound and look reminiscent of Queen Chaka.  Please help me celebrate the offering of Indira Khan, the princess of the legendary Chaka Khan. Chaka Khan is the foundation of a new musical empire, one in which I’m so excited that my ears have been bathed in.  Without further ado I give you Indira Khan “Bathe Me” …and as always please listen responsibly!!  🙂

Follow Indira Khan on Twitter/Instagram @officialindirak


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