I Wanna Dance With Somebody!! Whitney Houston

Classic WhitneyBy BridgetEE

Hello all first and foremost I want to apologize for my absence in my blog.  Secondly although I will maintain a positive flow on my blog as far as music goes.  I am positive of my knowledge of what greatness is, and this year I will be the slayer to all that try to throw shade on what is great and or positive.  I have been trying my best not to touch this subject but ummmmm nah… So lets get started… 🙂

I Wanna Dance With Somebody, let me start with Angela Basset.She is an amazing actress, when I think of her, I think of greatness, a role model and a sista that has worked hard and done it the right way.  A woman that has a career, husband and children.  A woman that is continuing to grow (now that I wrote that last sentence, I feel better about what I’m about to say, it’s food.)  The Lifetime movie “Whitney” was Ms. Bassets directing debut (debut looks like de butt doesn’t it).  I was pumped because I am truly a Whitney Houston fan, she is arguably the greatest singer to walk this earth, a voice truly touched by God.  My thinking was who better to direct a movie, that captured the history or story of who and what Whitney was, then Angela Basset.  I even thought the family was being over protective about the project, by not being supportive.  I also thought it was a great idea not to cast Bobbi Khris, to play her legendary mother (only because of her acting experience).  I even thought that Debra Cox singing Whitney’s parts was a great idea.  Well, guess what?  I went 1 for 3!!!  On a positive note I thought that Debra Cox did a great job in capturing Whitney vocally.  End of list.

Now the not so positive…

The title of the movie should have been “When Bobby met Whitney” or “Bobby bags Whitney”.  Then, I’m sorry but I read CeCe Winnans  was flattered for the mention, but ummm those actors looked nothinggggg like BeBe and CeCe!!  Moving forward the sex scenes,  we are all grown but, why was all that detail to their love making necessary?  Like was that suppose to mean, hit it just like this and you to can have this kind of love or (“Having trouble making that next step? Is your love making suspect?  This is how Bobby Brown put it down and he bagged Whitney!!).  Then the whole Robin Crawford (shady tea), if it’s not going to be addressed, don’t touch it at all.  Also, when was Whitney Houston ever so dumb blonde-ish.  You might as well let Bobbi Khris make her acting debut for this at least you would have had someone who knew Whitney giving you the real Whitney.  Did anyone on this project at least read Cissy Houston’s book?  You didn’t need permission to just at least read it.  Which by the way is an awesome read.  All great movies came from a book.


I guess my concern is that  generations behind us will watch this depiction of Whitney and not truly understand the greatness of what she was and what she did in and for the music industry.  What Whitney meant to the entertainment community.  How her music will be listened and played until the end of time.  How the movies she played in will be watched for years to come.  How her voice impacted and touched lives around the world.  How hard she worked to get where she was and what she had.  A person who could sing any genre of music.  A person when this country was at war, stood flat footed and belted a performance of the Star Spangled Banner that made soldiers over seas cry.  More importantly just how legendary she really was.  Would you have depicted Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson and Shirley Caesar so cheaply.  It’s almost disrespectful. Here is a voice that broke color barriers as well as records and I really didn’t feel any of that in the movie.  Hell the documentary on a Tribe Called Quest was more tasteful then this.  Save movies like that to be done on people like Keysha Cole, Rhianna or some other singers that are good and have a story but I am sorry to the above mentioned (truly no shade), but they are not Whitney Houston.  You can tell the good, bad and ugly without being evasive (messy).  The only people that thought this movie was cool were the people that make their living at dishing tea.  Sorry Ms. Basset, you would have rolled over in your grave and dug yourself out had that been your story depicted in that fashion.

Now I Wanna Dance With History…

As always please read, listen and interpret responsibly!!



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