Noir Queen “V” Is Epic

wpid-wp-1413937105001.jpegBy BridgetEE

No matter how hard the root of all evil tries when one is of a higher Archy and deemed royalty by whom is the keeper of all that is good and real no power shall take over nor hold down.  When a voice so golden, pure and full of range is donned by the blessing of the past, mutes can only pray, but the break down of  their ignorance will sway because operatic forces sway.  When a God is inserted into a Queendom that continues to believe and fight an Epic explosion will give to the Noir of the plight.  Although I have not had the pleasure, I have had the vision and hope that one great new musical power would be unbounded and set free for all to recognize and see.  Not for the politics that blows but for talent that glows♪    I have said time and time again my dreams for my blog was to highlight  what is being kept under dim light, with that being said ♫ ♫ The first time I heard this amazing talent she was accompanying in vocal / video in the most powerful piece of work I think I have ever seen.  She was then  the co-star of the amazing young vocalist Timothy Bloom.  She has since been waiting patiently but not wavering from the Queen that she is.  While hooking up with the GREAT MUSICAL GOD Timbaland on a new project titled “Opera Noir”.   Epic records did themselves an amazing service and signed the singer to a deal.  Thanks to Timbaland, Mosley Music group and Epic the world is finally going to her a voice that can go toe to toe with some of the greatest musical talents of yesterday and today.  Some may be worried but I am so excited that you all will get to me the legend before her time That Girl “V” , V. Bozeman.  The project is so new that only a snippet is available but I am also enclosing a video trailer to the songstress herself.  CONGATULATIONS V ♪♪!!!!  As always please watch and listen responsibly!!!!

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