Is It Art Or Sexism Or Are We Just Sensitive

Black_Panties_(standard)wpid-wp-1413470864100.jpegBy BridgetEE

I read an article written by an ex NBA player and father of two talking about R Kelly’s new album cover “Black Panties.”  In the article titled  More Fans Should Be Outraged by R. Kelly’s New Album , (please click to read the article from here we are going to paraphrase, break it down and induce thought bloghouse style) the authors opinion was that he finds and you should find  Kells ratchet depiction is not art especially given his track record and if you pay close attention to the lyrics of his songs they back up what the author feels meaning Kelly’s distorted degradation of women.  His theory is because of a multitude of reasons the set album cover is way out of line and offensive and  initially upon reading agreed with it whole heatedly.  I was ready to lead the march on the removal and tar/feathering of the album cover, I wanted to know what kind of sista would allow a man accused of ♫ I don’t see nothing wrong with a little girl that’s nine ♫ to take a bass bow to her ass.  Then I thought well why are we just singling him out?  Some of the greatest album covers of all time have been quote unquote racy.  One that instantly come to mind is The Ohio Players Honey Album, you know the woman laying on her back slightly arched upward with honey dripping all over herhoney.  The real story of that whole scene is even more ummm can I say risque.  To be perfectly honest “real talk” or however you choose to say it most of The Ohio Players album covers are flat out sexist, and I’m a huge Ohio Players fan.  Even in most recent history if you want to talk sexist lets talk about Ushers newest hit “Good Kisser”, well on your own time really listen to the song what he is saying “she’s such a good kisser” but what he really should be saying is “she is such a good sucker”!!!!  So are we just singling out R Kelly because of his (I’m tired of sugar coating) nasty lyrics and content or his titling or is it  just because we know about “WATER GATE”.  Although I will agree that I personally wouldn’t have posed for the picture because I believe that I hold myself to a bit of a more higher standard as a women then that, but who am I to judge being honest what is merely album art.  As always please thank you for reading responsibly 😉


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