Is Musiq Soul Childs Husel A Window Seat Momment Or The Greatest?

wpid-screenshot_2014-10-13-23-08-36-1.pngBy BridgetEE

If you go to an art museum the idea is to look at a painting or sculpture and ascertain what message or emotion an artist was trying to express, and all artist do this, it’s what makes them great especially if you the connoisseur gets it.  It’s that special gift that makes one purchase, appreciate and share their find with others or what makes for great conversation.  It’s that it  makes something be talked about for decades to come to be passed down from generation to generation.  Then there is that piece of art that is used to light up a room for a time, it may or may not be around for years to come not as much soul, time and effort was put into it and it may or may not be a topic of conversation but a compliment to a room in your domicile that others will look at and say “that’s hot, were can I get that”?  Over time it may fade and then you go out and get another piece based on the presentation but not necessarily the content.  Does that mean it is any less great?  Does that mean it is any less worthy?  No, it’s  just is what it is, a picture.

I heard an interview with Musiq Soul Child the other day and it prompted me to listen to other interviews and press clippings, Tweets etc etc and they pretty much made a big deal out of nothing.  I’m not going to get into who is right who is wrong and what he should and should not do because that’s not what my blog is about.  My blog is about at the end of the day is a song hot or not.  This brothas job in life is to provide for his family and at the same time produce what he loves to do and that is to make music by what he the artists, the painter, the sculpture deems what he perceives to be his feeding at that given time.  It’s not up to us to says who, what or how he should create, our only job is do we appreciate.  Erykah Badu released a song called “Window Seat” that who came first the record or the video and even what you thought of that video is OK whatever.  The question is was “Window Seat” a great song?  My answer is yes it was and if not for the whole dramatization of the video we may still be listening to it now.   Did she have to do that to get you the department store buyer to bite or was she trying to get us the connoisseur to see something?   The world may never really know.   Yall still don’t get it huh?  Well the one thing about the interview I will touch is that Musiq is 100% right about is that their are so many dope artists out there and yall don’t hear them because yall not tryin to hear all that.  Kinda of sad that well, we might be the ones killing R&B and making folks have to give us window seat moments.  On this point a lot of yall will get it way later.

But any who, this song isn’t Musiq,  its The Husel.  “The Husel is not a person, The Husel is a state of mind.  Everyone has their own interputaiton of The Hustle, this just happens to be mine” -The Husel-

Phil Collins did this and its one of his greatest hits.  With that being said he maybe right “Greatest” ummm maybe, but hey you be the judge no shade let me know yeah or ney and as always please listen responsibly!!

For more on The Husel Click


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