Is The Word The Word By And For Any: TD Jakes Vs Jeezy


By BridgetEE

In the interest of provoking cerebral stimulation, although this is about music, todays blog is about interpretation.  I say this because today I heard a conversation about Bishop T.D. Jakes seeking compensation for one of his sermons being sampled Jeezy in a song he made called “Holly Ghost” remix.  Let me start off by saying that I like Hip Hop but I would be lying if I said that agreed with some of the content of their music.  I also know that some of these young people are not of the content they spit.  I also respect the power of influence music in general has on the body of those meaning the listeners of it.  I also feel that pastors have the right to earn, drive, slumber and eat in anyway the church family financially supports as well as God has blessed them to do so.   Both artists and pastors mission at the end of the day is to invoke us the listener.   Now this is where I’m going to ruffle feathers, well if you think about it both the artist and pastors have similarities, both are blessed with producing a message that is captivating enough to hold our minds and induce a way of thinking, internalizing and living.  Both have had a message put on them to put out to you the listener, to feed your soul and when your fed well you tend to go back to where you had that fulfillment.  All parties are educated to their craft, and if asked both would probably say this is my first love.  Now with all that being said here is how I see it.

Pastor Jakes is a great preacher and teacher of the WORD and so what he makes a whole lot of money, because my boy Jeezy financial in his own right is also a lyrical preacher and teacher of life; yes I said life as ugly as it maybe, guess what that BS hes talking about goes on otherwise he wouldn’t have a story to tell and you might be ignorant to some of the other ways of the world.  Look I was given this world I didn’t make it (Tupac).

{Insert B E Blogism course 101}

Any great preacher that preached the word which was placed on his heart to preach, is to feed the people.  These people have no nationality, sex or social class because we are all Gods children.  So the word is preached, the children heard it, now what?  Well sermons are wrote and spoke to bring about change for people to spread what they heard, welllll.  It doesn’t mean we have to like nor judge who heard and spread it.   I understand Bishop Jakes didn’t give him permission to use it, but how about this, how did Jeezy know about it in the first place to use?  Reach one teach one, Jeezy turns it around and introduces it to a world that so many are afraid or unwilling to touch.  Isn’t that what spoken word is about?  I understand why the Bishop may not like the way he was inserted, but how awesome is that a so called wretch to the gospel world wanted to share what was placed upon him.  That to me the purpose of the sermon was accomplished and that makes it priceless.  As always please listen responsibly>>>

(I was listening to this while writing 🙂


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