Tank Told Me “You’re My Star”

PicsArt_1394824249717By BridgetEE

I have a serious hair growing across my butt today, for many reasons, but for the sake of this article I will stick to the Do-Grow of this particular hair.  I can’t figure out in music why with all the talent out there we can’t spread the status a little better, I said status because I won’t even get into the business end.  As it pertains to R&B and NEO Soul that exposure, status thing is such a hard nut to crack, case in point there are some artist that can record Mary Had A Lil Lamb while banging on a trash can for a drum and because of their status we get inundated with their “stuff” I’ll just say.  OK people, see we miss out on the quoate, unquoate too fat for famers because some say “oh the people don’t want to look at them their too big” or hey lets not forget the for whoever the judgers are the might not be fly enough for famers.  Listen the only reason we know what auto-tune’s about is because so many young artists use it (can’t sing great but look good).  What happened to the day when you had to just stand flat-footed and sing, hell I think I would rather see a generic CD cover of the sun, moon or rain (if the thought is they are not appealing,) if I’m listening to an artist who’s melodies would make my soul shake then to listen to this fly guy/gurl, that makes me want to hit skip then endure it ♫ 😦 ♫.  That’s one hair.  Then you have the artists that just sing for the sake of this article we will call them “The Momma I Want To Singers”.  They can blow but that’s about it, if no one ever writes them a hit they are stuck on sit.  “The Momma I Want To Singers” usually are one hit wonders because they are sooo one-dimensional and because of this they find themselves in hock trying to come up and end up  in worse shape then they were when they got started working on their passion.   Which brings me to the full package artists, as a matter fact, lets just give the full package a name for the sake of this article of course, so we shall call him TANK.  With TANK you have a fine brotha that can stand flat-footed and sing.  A fine brotha that can write his own music.  A fine brotha that can play his own music.  A fine brotha that is so pleasing physically to the eye.  Did I mention that he was fine oh my bad LOL 🙂  So we have this multifaceted brotha roaming around fine as he wants to be selling hisself mind-body and soul but (hair number 2) I have to break my neck to find out that he wrote a new song about me “You’re My Star”, like why isn’t this being crammed down my throat.  Tank knew me so well that he knew that I didn’t have to be wooed this time with a sexy ass ballad, he decided to let my mind go hand dancing, ballroom or stepping if you will with him, as he gazed into my eyes telling me over and over again that I’m his star while tickling the ivory of my soul underneath ♪ ♪  stars ♫.  Jealous??  Don’t be, you too can sit back and sip the yak or pour the wine which ever tickles your fancy and two-step with a man/woman who knows how to make you feel like your star.  But right now Tanks telling me “You’re My Star” when in fact he’s my star.  Want to be a star?  ♫Then Please Listen Responsibly you will be so glad you came♪♪….


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