Kelly Price Flips The Script It’s My Time


By BridgetEE

I’m not a huge fan of reality TV (not that I watch much television ,Scandal does rule my world!!!  Shout out to Shonda Rhimes!!!  LOL), but I do from time to time dip in on it.  When I heard that Diva’s show was coming out with a new series LA Divas, Divas of LA whatever it was called, my only interest was that my girl Kelly Price, Mi’chelle and Chante gotta man at home Moore was on it (I’m a music person duhhhh J).  So dummy me thinking I was going to be shouting in front of the TV listening to all that great harnessed God given talent (I’m lying I watch TV on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet), but  instead end up screaming at it like OMG just why  can’t  this be about  something,  wellll something different !!!!   Give me a break!!!!  DAMNNNNN!!!!   I HATE drama, the only drama I like is “No More Drama” by Mary J Blige as a matter of fact these shows make me dislike us as women in general just from some of the BS we engulf ourselves in a lot of times, we are such multifaceted creatures at a times my beautiful sistas we can be too much, sorry that’s just how I feel sometimes case in point…  I’m watching that other very popular show with the Housewives in it (it always fascinates me that these shows are titled that way but erbody ain’t got no husband IJS), any way the now famous episode when NeNe has the boot leg nighty party they start playing this bogus game then all the sudden I’m getting turned on watching Apollo beat that other GUY up.  Next thing you know every talk show, website and blog is talking about whose fault it was; whatever that model girls name is shouldn’t have stood up, that GUY shouldn’t have pushed Chris and accidently hit Apollo, Cynthia shouldn’t have been waving her finger all up and through Kandi’s face (she is small ya know), Chris shouldn’t have stood up and decided to read that model girl, water shouldn’t be wet, Liquor shouldn’t have alcohol in it  and the cow shouldn’t have jumped over the moon; you get my point.  Well me being the lil reality hater that I am I can see the playing field clearly, NeNe shouldn’t have created and played a game asking questions about conversations that were held in her presence in settings not involving everyone in the group (back in the day that was what momma called two faced), her action caused a reaction and in her words, that she likes to through up in erbodys face, she lucky she didn’t get HER ass beat.   You see it’s simple to me its called “in the grand scheme of things” (*I.T.G.S.O.T), NeNe although might not have been looking for all that to go down like that but “in the grand scheme of things” Mmmm  was her fault and instead of owning it she is still having messy meetings to explain the drama, and although she may not have known or remembered, where I come from that makes you messy as hell… get my point.  NeNe needs to do some serious damage control for not the sake of her and that show but for the sake of how she moves forward into her future, you know “I.T.G.S.O.T” .  Some others don’t find all that buffoonery attractive nor see it as profitable, again IJS.

But brothas and sistas there is hope for Mrs Leakes you see it comes in the form of a young lady that professes that she’s not your momma she’s your girl.  See my girl Kelly did the reality thing and said hey I want to reach back and help out some of my sistas in song (you do know that Kelly has several streams, not just one, and does know that it is a blessing to bless by reaching back, some of yall will get that way later).  Anyway Kelly says hey yall I got this idea, I think it would be dope if we did this thing together sounds simple right, umm wrong because what happened next is what we as women sometimes do way too damn much of, TALK.  Well Ms Chante shared set thought with her manager, I guess that was her title, and she liked the idea so then Ms. Manager says ($$$) hey you guys can make this huge like Broadway and have award winning producers and blasé skip, in which Ms. Chante says cool. Then doing what is proper Ms Chante asked Ms Kelly her thoughts of her outsider friend’s idea and Kelly said ummm I’m not feelin that.  You would think that would have been the end of it but nooo Ms Chante went ahead with the plan anyway because she felt they needed to hurry up.  Well like most of us would have Kelly tried to suck it up but like most of us her displeasure surfaced; how dare you take over a project that I’m trying to help you out with (makes sense to me)?  Next thing you know out of all the stupid chicanery that went on it was Kelly that got drug threw the weeds.  Why?  Because remember I told you Kelly has more streams then the others so who better then Ms. Price to make out to be the bad guy?  Forget about all that back handed, double crossing two faced acts you seen and heard, all that was made to care about is that Kelly Price made reference to a razor and Timberland boots to Mr. Stranger man.  Action: was help some talented sistas out; Reaction: that worm turned on her, but “In the grand scheme of things”…..Kelly took it on the chin and tried to explain some things that she really shouldn’t have  had to while still extending her hand to her sistas in song then said REALITY TV is not for me.  Even better then that Kelly did what Kelly does best, that is flip the script and lyrically punch errrrr body in the mouth and stomp them with a beat that as soon as you hear the first bar you are gonna wanna feel that bass and hit that little repeat feature on whatever listening device that turns you on.  What better way to do unto haters what haters tried to do unto her, that’s right Kelly Price is letting you know what time it is, I say HIT time but KP says “It’s My Time” yeah yeah…..I’m sorry this time you don’t have the option to hate what is great, only the option of being a lover not afraid to hit play…as always please listen responsibly.

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