Are You Eating At Your Man’s Heart?

By BridgetEE

be matu
I’m a woman that in a relationship is huge on communication, big on reciprocity and a firm believer in love that is written in the stars. I also believe that there is a soul mate for everyone, I also believe you don’t get more than one soul mate and he or she may or may not live in your zip code 🙂 . With that being said we don’t have a lot of time on this earth to keep missing our callings, here’s a thought the time you waste on a person that is not your soul mate is: a.) years you wasted b.)years of somebody else out there waiting on their soul mate and here their soul mate has been wasting time on you, so I believe it is important that you don’t go out and hunt it down but I strongly believe that you should watch the signs in front of you.
The topic of the weekend was “a man that gives you his last bit of food”, a friend mine shared with me this story about someone giving her his last bite of food and I immediately thought of the movie “The Brothers”. There is a part in that movie were an older woman schools a younger woman on the maturations of a man’s heart, the older woman tells her “If he will give you his very last piece of food, then you’ve got love” that was the first time I had ever heard that and it made me just melt, but is food portions a sign. According to an article in Cosmopolitan:
“Eating brings out a guy’s primal side: Without realizing it, he can get possessive about what’s on his plate, guarding his grub and cramming it down at lightning speed. But when he starts insisting that you sample the best piece of his steak or offers you a humungous slice of pie so you can taste how yummy it is, chalk it up to a different animal instinct: the urge to shower some TLC on the woman his heart is doing flip-flops for. ‘Feeding someone even a small amount of food is a tender, nourishing move all animals, including humans, are predisposed to make in order to show concern and affection,’ says Quilliam. And if he brings the food to your mouth with his spoon or fork, consider it a clue that he’s feeling super-intimate around you. ‘It shows that he’s comfortable in your personal space,’ she says. Another reason sharing his meal means so much: ‘When a man is in love, he wants his girl to experience all the pleasurable things he’s experiencing, and that includes his food,’ says Tessina. ‘He won’t just mumble “Try some if you want,” half-way into the meal. He’ll be insistent, so you get the message that your pleasure is paramount to him.”
Kindred The Family Soul one of my favorite R&B duos was written about in Essence magazines February 2014 issue, the title of the story is “The Hitmakers Aja & Fatin Dantzler…” the pertinence of this is that they are Hitmakers as far as parents, artists as well as each other’s soul mate. The article is amazing, the “Blue Print” if you will of how all our “Written in The Stars” mate should be and develop. Imagine this, you hinge your dreams in the music business to be your lively hood collectively, as well as raise six beautiful children and it works still after 15+ years, it requires that you have the right person in your life, your “Soul Mate”. When asked what made Fatin the “ONE” Aja responded “One day he was eating a TWIX and he offered me a piece, I told him he didn’t have enough for me and he said, If there’s enough for one, there’s enough for two” , WOW there it is food again.
One day I was sitting watching a movie with a guy I care a lot about and we were eating a bag of yogurt covered pretzels (he loved them not had having them before, he was just smashing them). At some point I glance over and I see him separating the pretzels, I asked “what are you doing?” he says “the bag is almost empty and I wanted to make sure you had some too”  Is the way to a man’s heart really food, and is food the way he lets you know his maturations? Did you see the signs and maybe missed it?  It’s not too late, you do only get one soulmate.


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