Nothing Can Stand In The Way (of My Love) Timothy Bloom


By BridgetEE

I’m in love with Timothy Bloom and nothing can stand in the way of my love for him.  The interesting thing about that statement is I have never met him, I have never been around him, I have never touch, taste nor smelt him, but what I have done is felt him

.  I vibed him intertwined him, let him share a piece of my soul and then allowed him to become a part of my dream.  The pattern for all I want in a man, love, soulmate that one that grounds, completes and balances me out.  An old soul with a young heart, a veteran swag with a new jack mantra.  He is a love that makes me step out of my comfort zone and allows my eager ear and heart to want to share…and right now the only thing that’s standing in the way of my love is a date.  You know me I gonna take you there 🙂 in order for you to get it….as always please listen responsibly

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