Animalistic Sex Fantasy In The Form Of A Gorilla



Music is the sexiest mantra in life, it allows you to step outside your vessel and look down upon it while cultivating yourself into your inmost hidden seductress. Enthralling your passions for someone in way that you would never consciously allow yourself to do. Music makes you become an inhibitant animalistic sex carnivore
with visions of hot, wild, fierce intense sexcapades.

When I first heard Bruno Mars hit single Gorilla I was watching an awards show and before he even opened his mouth the intense bass drum captured my full attention. As he proceeds to say “ooohh I got a body full of liquor with a cocaine kicker and I’m feeling like I’m thirty feet tall” I completed the verse without knowin “So lay it down, lay it dowwwwnnn”. Without much movement in the performance and a lot of flashing lights and subliminal visual, it had to be the most sexiest thing I had ever “HEARD.” Between the waning guitar riffs and the subtle brass undertones then the highly sexual bass drum pulsing like a gorilla I could almost smell the high octane aroma of sweat caused by soul ties. I could see in my mental video screen hair pulling, thralling and pounding, yes that right I could actually see making love like “Gorilla”. I know your saying dang that was pretty nasty B but the ultimate goal of an artist is to make you feel and see his vision. Don’t believe me it’s in Bruno Mars new video every freaky animal like sensual encounter I felt and in visioned is right here in LUST and SWEAT LOL.
I had foreseen all that only for the grown and sexy take the test and you be the judge, I guarantee you won’t be the same when your done ;), as always watch and listen responsibly!!!

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One response to “Animalistic Sex Fantasy In The Form Of A Gorilla

  1. Reading this drew me into the world of music deeper than I have ever been it gave me insightful views on what the artist would have wanted his audience to feel thank you for opening my mind further!! Great Blog


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