WHO “I Am”??!! “I AM” Antoine Dunn

Antoine Dunn Who Am IFor weeks now Beenie Man’s song “Who Am I” has been stuck in my head and I don’t know if its my belief that in my prior life I was a Jamaican 🙂 or whether its my love for any kind of Caribbean music that when I catch eye sight earful it won’t leave me.   As I wracked my brain trying to figure out why I keep yelling WHO AMM III without warning, I came upon a documentary I hadn’t seen or for some reason not even heard of that after watching 3 times sparked my creative juices and helped me figure out my all the sudden obsession with Beenie Man.   Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest has helped me change my mantra (mindset, free thought process and spiritual flow).  Although the it was about the story of A Tribe Called Quest the undertones was filled with slot of soul searching plot.  When you get to the very end where the credits roll, and yes I am that weirdo that watches the credits, they do a roll call of all that had to do with tell this story and would say “I Am Angie Martinez” “I Am Q Tip” “I Am Chris Lightly” (God rest his soul) etc etc.

Well the first time I watched it was like okay that was kinda cool I guess that they had these people reintroduce themselves but when I watched it again a light bulb went off.  Tribe was comprised of four people, four different spirits with four different visions to make one mantra one soul, one expression.  Four different passions that managed to achieve great success as one Tribe but still remained four separate individuals with their own separate goals and dreams and although self imploded several times still to date they can form themselves as one.

Whats my the point, sometimes, no most the times in order to have staying power and stay relevant you have to constantly stay in folks face and yell, WHO AM I!!!  and in this particular case who am is Antoine Dunn and he ain’t goin no whereeeee BAMM!!!  Check out who he is and why you should know WHO I AM.  As always please listen responsibly….

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