No, Longevity Is All You Have To Give Uncle Charlie

By BridgetEE

mu·sic  /ˈmyo͞ozik/

  1. The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
  2. The vocal or instrumental sound produced in this way.

If you Google the definition of  the word “music” you got what is seen above.  They also say Sound travels in waves like light or heat does, but unlike them, sound travels by making molecules vibrate (stimulate).  In our world of music artistry today you can hear a great song that meets the definition of above from a person that sounds almost like a God,  only by the second time around they fall like a burnt out star to the “Sophomore Jinx.”  Let’s be real in this day and age there are many things that can hinder your proverbial star from shinning long, the music business itself can just beat you up and spit you out leaving you to feel like a domestic abuse victim.  The artist themselves with all that is had to have through celebrity and money can crash and burn themselves with their own personal BS (money, drugs and sex) the three silent career killers.  Health at times unfortunately comes into play by either themselves or a family member.  Last but not least death has even kept some from continuing on, or combination of all has made LONGEVITY a unicorn in a not so friendly entertainment world.  Sidebar: really entertainment is temporary but art is forever!!  Sorry I was just trying to help somebody 🙂 .

So what happens if your just an entertainer and one or all of these things happen to you?   Well for the most you end up like those people that hit the lottery, you know rich over night hookin up the world, getting carte blanche treatment from everyone including the devil himself (thats when things really take a turn for the worst), the entertainer turns into a little monster that no one behind closed doors or out doors wants to deal with, then in a scramble you try to throw together an album real quick and that doesn’t work because with you being an entertainer and all you aren’t singing or writing from the heart because you don’t know how to do that for real, and auto-tunes just isn’t jiving with you like it did the first time around and with all this going on you look a hot ass mess because you really weren’t ordained to do all this and with you being an entertainer looking something under amazing is not acceptable. Oh by the way in all this you stopped working out, and it is extremely hard to move like Neyo and Usher when you are now built like professor Klump!!  This may sound cruel but it is so the truth!!  At the end of the day this all adds up to career killers but it’s okay because you are just an entertainer and you were only meant for short-term business.

Now if you an artist and truly ordained to do, this is how it works you are still like a person that hits the lottery hookin up the world, getting carte blanche treatment from everyone including the devil himself (but for an artist that is ordained to do “no weapon formed….”).  The entertainer turns into a little monster that no one behind closed doors or out doors wants to deal with, so you get kicked out /or separate from your band but because you are really an artist that can sing and write from the heart this is where the story gets to be different.  You know or God tells you “hey you’re in trouble get it together,” so what do you do…that’s right you go get some professional help whether that be from the Church or a doctor at a rehab center or a combination of both.  With that being said things still might be dumping on you, your health goes bad but because your an artist you know to shut it down, take a step back and get yourself together because hell your an artist and real God givin talents won’t go anywhere.  But it gets better because you recognize who and what you are and why you were created, you also know that because of your bounce backs you have to give back (did you get that or should I repeat that).  You still know that although you are blessed to sing, write, play or do all three, looking good and staying in shape will make the “YALL’s” happy (you know the YALL’s those folks that don’t know the difference between a voice that grew from the church or the one that is kinda cute and can dance like a stripper and mastered auto-tunes 🙂 that’s right I said it!! )  Although I digressed there for a minute reality is that in order to have a career you need people that love music no matter what it looks or moves like and the YALL’s.  At the end of the day this all adds up to longevity   and this equates into you will always be relevant, reinvent-able and sustainable which equates to long-term in business.

I started off with the definition of  “music”  but it was missing the picture caption so I added it:  Charlie Wilson aka Uncle Charlie is the definition of MUSIC and an ARTIST.  No matter what has come his way (addiction, health, money etc.) he has always had the staying power to reinvent himself  in spite of someone wanting to make him short term but the proof is in the puddin with the countless hits, albums and awards earned himself as well as with The Gap band.   Uncle Charlie says “My Love Is All I Have To Give” well I say he’s wrong, LOVE and LONGEVITY is something  that you have Blessed us all with… Congratulations and Thank You Charlie Wilson you will always be stimulating to the ear…and as always Please watch and listen responsibly 🙂

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