Hanne-Berit Busted Up The Wall That Enslaves Us By Building A Bridge

violin goddess
By BridgetEE

If music is so universal, unbinding, faceless and colorless…why do we know what it is?  For example if you say to some one orchestra (they say white), if you say R & B  and Hip Hop (the say black).  Music has been slammed into so many boxes that it is almost a walking talking person that not only has a color but also a SEX.  Yes that’s right I said it, a sex, and that’s a good thing, because in order to give birth to something new a male and female something had to intertwine to impregnate  a womb to conceive to the world its new vision of beauty.  I know your saying right now that BridgetEE is tripping she went on a hiatus and came back talkin crazy talk, well yes and no.  As they say “you see what had happened was” 🙂 . A friend of mine called me up way tooo early in the morning one day and says “The reason I’m calling you is I want you to hear this new song and it’s different”  (stop) one of the reasons for my hiatus is I had a creative mental block so my friends call intrigued me especially when a lot of people have me listen to a lot of stuff and none of it has been different (start).  He next says to me you know she is local and I was thinking if you liked it you would write about it and that she is “bridging Hip Hop and orchestra with the violin together (stop).   That’s when I made this funny face that he couldn’t see because he was on the phone and I couldn’t work that concept out in my head and make it sound good in my head (start).  So because he has been good to me and I trust the brotha I say OK send it to me and I’ll take a listen, it’s early in the morning and I have time to listen to it 20 times to decided what I really think.  Well the oddest thing happened I played the track and sure enough it started and I made that face again but after 20 sec my face did a 360 and I couldn’t stop bobbing my head then I did play it 20 times not because I was trying to make it grow on me but because I thought that it was the shiznap LOL!!  Hot things really do come in strange packages and this is no exception.  Hanne-Berit really did bust up the wall that enslaves us all by building a bridge.  The Track entitled “Violin Goddess” is a Remix to “Arrested Development’s” Song “Living.”  The Remix was Produced by Antoine Dunn and Hanne-Berit.  I’ve been bugging the hell out of people to hear this now it’s your turn.  I dare you to be different and I swear you will be glad you did and as always listen responsibly!!

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