Whitney…Wendy And Janet A Tale Of Three Women

By BridgetEE

I’m a huge Whitney Houston fan…Not much of a Wendy Williams fan and Janet Hubert I did like her better then the 2nd Aunt Viv…BUT!!! Here’s the deal while you are casting stones Janet or any of us for that matter on this issue. Wendy Williams wouldn’t be as successful as she is if not for you the people (everybody wants to watch a train wreck, nobody wants to watch a birth). I believe part or Whitney’s issues were that people lived to dog her (she sho can sang but…) and because of that she didn’t have much peace here and it gave birth to a Wendy Williams. In Wendy’s defense how dare we judge her feelings of remorse or her way of grieving, waving the white flag although late it came in the face of tragedy. Janet Hubert still you should talk hell your still extremely bitter with Will Smith over The Fresh Prince of Bel Air maybe you should practice what you preach instead of being one in the same with the problem. Yeah your coming to Whitney’s defense now but ummmmm where were you then? Let he that is without sin cast the first stone!!!

I hope you read and listened to this responsibly:


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