Whitney Houston – Greatest The Greatest Love Of All

By BridgetEE

Music is one of the greatest love of all, gifted by a God that sits high and looks low.  Music Blesses us and keeps us, music regulates our minds.  Music is life altering, timeless, effortless and breathless.  Music is forever.  Although there are many singers, there are very few sangers.  You can go to any music school, music coach for that matter Simon Cowell and even less than that have been TOUCHED by God to be the greatest.  Many have tried to duplicate and emulate but music can be one of a kind. 
As big as a music junkie as I am there is only one artist that I can say that I own almost every bar they ever belted.  I purchased every record, tape and CD this gifted ine has ever published.  Although we
lost in the physical the greatest singer to ever live, she will forever by here with us in audio.  Ms Whitney Houston was the music bed to many momments in many lives and at the young age of 48, February 11, 2012 God called home this legend that he let us borrow for himself.  Will there ever be another?…I don’t thin so…This is my way of saying good bye and THANK YOU  and my prayer that you are resting at his right hand.  God Bless you Whitney Houston your greatest fan BridgetEE…Reflect on this video responsibly


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