Whats Dunn In The Dark I Can’t Forget And It Will Come To…A VOTE?

By BridgetEE
I recently had a conversation with an artist in the dark. We talked about things that are Dunn in the light. When we think of young people in music we don’t think of real artists for real. We think of jeans saggin low, more bling than you have ever known, swag thats way outta control, whips that you never could own. You think of blunt passin, (watch this) gassin of pole sliddin not really wanting to make her your wife but baby mamma number one, two, three, FO (I know I spelled it wrong 😉 ).  Young folk that are quick to embrace the strip club and glorify it with poetry and think that dropping F bombs and bitch referrals make them the new artistry. Young women that think making it clap is cool but nobody ever told them that now days clap can kill you.  Oral became moral and Babylon became the place to be. Looking out for knotts wrapped in rubberbands then making it rain opposed to looking up to which is truly great and giving ten percent is not a pain. “I so feel like talkin this mornin.” We embrace things and people that we don’t know and probably never will.

Now lets talk about the dark 🙂 . The dark is close to home, sexy and melodic. Soul catching, lyrically embracing, making love to your mind and entrancing your third ear. The dark is fine, intelligent and fly, a kinda friendly type of guy. The dark is strong in stature and stronger in lecture, salivating non-spitting intellect. The dark is local moving on to coastal. The dark is in love with you and embraceses you and the only thing he asks is that you embrace him back. Dark does not want to run to the bossom of another lover and because possesion is nine tenths of the law, those sandie white beaches and crystal blue waters will be quick to try to claim what is rightfully NorthEast Ohio Feed. WTH!!!??? Glad you asked cause this is what that young man of the dark said to me “See I can’t forget What we had, cause it keeps coming back Everywhere that I go, I just can’t let it go See baby you know that I won’t Won’t forget, what we had Cause it keeps coming back to you No matter who make a messBut we had, I will never forget, I just can’t forget…..Still Dunn know whats coming out of the dark it’s Antoine Dunn a young brother thats handsome, gifted, talented, hardworking and loves his hometown (Cleveland, Ohio). A brother that has a song and a hot video to go along with it thats FIRE and it’s gaining steam everyday. This week until February 5th you get to vote on mtvU for your local BOI gettin into that rotation with his freshman video. Back track, when you look at this video ain’t no freshman goin on 🙂 .  But you be the judge   No matter what though what is Dunn in The Dark Will Come To Light…AS ALWAYS PLEASE WATCH AND LISTEN RESPONSIBLY!!!



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