Mr Treble You’re On My Mind

My sistas you know being single on the holidays can be a half empty, half full-time of the year. The time of the year that breeds nostalgia, peace and love. A time of giving and receiving, a time of reflection of whats near and dear to the heart. A time of releasing  emotions and feedings of an eager heart. A time that makes you feel sexy not so much sexual. A time of spiritual meetings and gifts. A time to say I love you and pray for a great year.  A time of binding love forever.  This holiday season I met someone, the very moment I was introduced an electric shock ran through my body causing me to shake and almost pass out. For five minutes I totally lost my cool, self-control and my right thinking capability.  As I fought to control and bring myself back to reality this vibration sent from above gave me an “I know you’re the one” feeling, that will forever leave me changed. They say that somethings and people are put in our life just for a season but I also believe that there is that one and only soul mate that was ordained just for you and if you just sit back and let peace be still it will find you. Mr. Treble since the day you touched my soul with your mystical intimacy I haven’t been the same and YOU’RE ON MY MIND. So I will just wait and hold on to our intimate crescendo etc…. You say danggggg WTH!!!  Did I get all of that out of this new Kem joint? 😉 …YES I did and so will you, so please by all means LISTEN RESPONSIBLY….


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