My favorite place to listen to music is in my car driving on the highway or sitting in the car at the pier at the end of E9th Street.  Something about both those places allows me to release my mind to a world of total euphoria, a place of great concentration, a place where I get in my zone.  Great music has a way of making you lose all your inhibitions giving you a sense of home.  Music is like your next door neighbor or close friend, always checking to make sure you’re all right.  Great music holds you in its arms like your lover, giving your senses a feeling of security, safety and love.  Great music feeds your soul like your mother used to do when you were young, making sure that you had all the right nutrients.  Great music carries you like that 1975 Deuce and a Quarter, and while you’re rollin it with that top down, you take in that deep breath of home.  For me my mind and music are one and they are both home for me.  So when my homeboy sent me some music the other day and said “Yo B let me know what you think”, I jumped in my ride and headed to that E9th Street pier.  I put my ride in park, and as I starred at that large body of water in front of me, I pushed play.  What I heard flow through my ears is what I was talking about right here, a song and sound that made me feel like I was at home.  Don’t believe  me listen for yourself as my HOMEboy Dave Tolliver delivers your aching lyrical soul HOME  …And please remember as you drive that Duece in your mind HOME, just Please Listen Responsibly!!!

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