Sista Sista She’s Back!!! She’s Not Super Woman, She’s Karyn White

By BridgetEE

What goes around comes around, yes indeed and when I tell you this is the dawn of taking it back to the days of MUZAK . Yall know what I’m talkin bout muzak…when folks could blow…wobble…SANG!!! When you got your feet wet sangin lead in the Church ChOiiii (I know I left off the r). Real R&B when you got casket ready sharp to go to the sho (come on now I’m talkin to somebody). Days when I can crank up my radio in the car at the park or back yard or (tell me you don’t know about this) the garage and I didn’t have to worry about offending anybody. Muzak I can slow grind too…make love too. Call it what you want Neo Soul, Soul, Rhythm and Blues it’s all Soul Food to me.
With that being said, after being on hiatus since 1995, the Pied Piper, the soulstress of the WOMENS NATIONAL ANTHEM is back and SISTA SISTA she hasn’t skipped a beat. She declares today White Out Day…I say ladies we may be lifting our lighters in solidarity to another anthem, but please you be the judge. So pull out your Bick and listen responsibly (and please be careful with that lighter 😉 )

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