The Only Thing In Life That Is PICTURE PERFECT Is Music

By BridgetEE
In life beauty is only skin deep and in the eyes of the beholder, style and fashion is trendy and trending but never definite. My aunt sat me down as a child and told me that the only things guaranteed in life is “Death and Taxes” and you never ever under any circumstances argue with someone about “Religion, Politics and Sex”. Opinions are like _____ holes, everybody has one. Another Aunt drummed into me “believe part of what you see and nothing you hear”, there are things in life that are seen but I find the most intriguing are the things that are unseen (trust your instincts). Your instincts are unseen and uses subjective and objective to determine a know. Never judge a book by it’s cover or you will miss the real story (Perception). Doing what is morally right opposed to what’s fashionably wrong. The world and all it’s lessons and imperfections and things that require you to painfully make decisions based upon….(what you were taught to make a determination) is a wonderful place but a place of pain as well, therefore making it a not so perfect place and that’s ok…that’s jut LIFE!
Music is the audio of reality and a place of pure imagination, a place to release all your in habilitations and this is done by either writing it or listening to it. If you close your eyes you can be anyplace or anybody that you dreamed. With music it can be talking to you, about you or at you and the feeling that you wanted to give or receive, through it is surreal. Music is beauty, love and pain an emotion or a devotion a transition into whatever you want it to be. It’s the ultimate time travel vehicle, it never ages always remains and stays new. Music speaks life and death the only thing of this life that can travel the heavens and return the same. Music gives hope and purpose to whatever, and once music is birthed it is a main stay. No matter how mad, happy or what the occasion maybe music is there being the bed for life, (and watch this death) therefore making it perfect…that’s just MUSIC!!
Now it’s time for you to ask that proverbial question “What the hell are you talking about?” I’m talking about a talent, an artist, a man that made me feel all of that and some. When I heard his masculine angelic voice I got a visual of only his lips moving and producing life into my cerebral heart and giving my soul defibrillator to feel purpose…making me feel like everything is going to be alright. Thank you Eric Roberson for making my world PICTURE PERFECT…Listen responsibly as he does the same for you…


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